Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Valentine Card ideas.

Have you started thinking about Valentines Day yet?

I have.
{So shocking, right?}

Still trying to come up with some card ideas for my kiddos...can't wait to share!

For's glimpse at last year's + some teacher Vday ideas!

These fit my Carson so perfectly {he's quite the joke-ster.}
Find my tags HERE.

*** Yes, I've corrected the tag to read YOUR instead of YOU'RE.
Sometimes I'm a ding-a-ling.

I guess orange was sorta a theme last year {who knew?}.

So simple.
Buy some mini orange flavored Fanta cans and attach these tags.  Find my tags HERE.

Wanna butter your teachers up this Valentine's?

Who doesn't love movie treats?!
Details and a free download HERE.

Speaking of movies....
How about a free REDbox or two for the teachers?

Pair up the free codes with some RED treats.
Details and free printable tag HERE.

Church teachers need LOVE too, right?
{Ok ok, I also made this tag up to read SCHOOL as well}.

These tags are fun because you can attach them to ANY little goodie.  I paired mine up with homemade sugar cookies.

For details and a FREE download click HERE.

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