Monday, February 29, 2016

New in my Etsy Shop: St. Patrick's Day Printables.

Are you a school teacher?
Are you a leader in Young Womens? Primary?

Need a little something to show those you lead - YOU CARE?! Download these tags and attach them to basically ANYTHING green - - green cookies, hand santitzer, green M&Ms, green chapstick...the list goes on.

It's a fun little treat to give to those you love this St. Patty's Day season!

You can view them in my Etsy shop HERE.
Download and print as many times as you need!

P.S. I love this saying so much, it sits outside my front door on my chalkboard stand...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

This Weekend:

You guys are never gonna guess where I spent my Friday morning...

This makes THREE weekends in the same month where one of my family members has ended up in the ER.

This time it was my dad.

He had another bowel obstruction {ouch!} and they had to go in with an Ng tube and suck out the gunk.

Happy to report that he is back home tonight and doing much better now.
{Fingers crossed!}

They say things happen in 3's right?
Let's hope this is the last of our hospital episodes.

The workers basically just high five us and call us by name now when we walk into the hospital.
{I kid, I kid.}

* Errands after the hospital to some of my favorite places...

I swear, if I had a Trader Joe's down the road from me, I'd have their fresh flowers on my kitchen table every day of the week.  I just LOVE their floral selection.

* Friday night, Joe worked late, so the kids and I met some of our favorite friends for frozen yogurt.

On our drive there {just down the road} I was reminded of HOW MUCH I LOVE where we live.

Our windows were rolled down and it was completely gorgeous outside.

* Saturday morning we did chores and I helped the boys practice their piano lessons.

You guys!
Does anyone else's blood boil when you sit down to 'help' your kids practice the piano? 

Just me? Awesome. Mom of the Year over here.

I've played the piano pretty much my entire life and there is a reason why I PAY someone else to teach them.


* I went to the cutest baby shower Saturday afternoon...

Are those hanging umbrellas not THE CUTEST DECORATIONS EVER????? I was dying.

It was a BUNNY theme and the hostess MADE these darling little flower pots {the petals are diapers!} and that's a bunny BUM popping out of the pot.  So cute, right?

* Date night dinner at one of our favorite local joints before attending the adult session of our Stake Conference.

I left feeling uplifted and inspired.
It was one of those meetings, you just didn't want to end.

Elder Ulisses Soares from the Presidency of the Seventy spoke to us and I'm pretty sure I could listen to him speak ALL day long.  He had the sweetest Brazillian accent and his message spoke directly to my heart.

I. Loved. It.

* More Stake Conference on Sunday.
Such big changes happening on our side of town.
It was another awesome meeting.

* Sunday night dinner at my parent's house.
My mom made my favorite: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and rolls.

No matter how much I think I've perfected the art of cooking a pot roast - - my mom's ALWAYS tastes better than mine. 

Playing the card game 'Old Maid' over there is pretty much a must. My kids die laughing every time!


On tap for this week:

* The kiddos finish off their winter semester and then the next week starts their Spring Break - can you even believe it???

* March! How is this even possible?

* Decorating for Easter. Can't wait.
This year Easter just so happens to fall on Joe and I's anniverary - so it's an extra special day ;)

* Carson's living wax museum on Thursday.
He gets to dress up as Alice Cooper.
To say he is excited is an understatement.

* Hosting a Teacher's Breakfast on Friday.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun Finds Friday....{plus some Trader Joe's Must Haves.}

* Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles are on sale right now - 2 for $24.  I went in today and got myself a couple of new ones....including this scrumptious new Easter one...

I've already lit it and it smells YUMMY!
Plus - wouldn't it be a cute little Easter gift for someone?

They also had these cute little green 'hanatizers' as London calls them....

Thinking I should've probably picked 3 up - 1 for each of my kids to have on St. Patrick's Day.

More Target $ Bin goodness this week.....

Burlap Bunny Napkin rings????
Yes please!

Adorable felt bunny bunting - - $3..

Let's talk Trader Joe's for a bit...

I LOVE this store.
I HATE that there isn't one around the corner from me.

The closest one is about 20 minutes away - - which probably is a good thing - - otherwise I'd be there ALL the time.

Whenever I go, I stock up on my greeting cards.
They're adorable AND only 99 cents ALL the time.
Thank You's, Weddings, Birthdays...they have em all.

Their Orange Chicken is the main reason I went today. My Carson LOVES it SO SO much!
I've been promising it to him for weeks.

And I must admit - - it IS delish!!!
{I only wish they sold their orange chicken sauce in a bottle so we could add EXTRA sauce to our plates. It's that good.}

Today was the first time I've purchased and tried these peanut butter cups and OMG you guys!!!!!

They are divine!

The pb on the inside is creamy {I hate that word} and soft.

YuM! YuM! YuM!

TJ's Kettle Corn is a family favorite.
It doesn't last more than a night in our house which is why I bought TWO this time.

I branched out and also picked up a bag of this to try....

Ummmmm....they are RIGHT ON when they say it's like movie theater popcorn.  It is seriously the BEST!!!! The boys and I snacked on it after school today and.....there's none left for Joe to try. {Don't tell him.}

People have always recommended to me their Mac 'n Cheese and while I haven't tried it YET....I did see this 'reduced guilt' version so I'm giving it a try.

Only 6 grams of fat for the WHOLE thing!
We'll see.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The EASIEST Chicken Fajita Recipe EVER.

Last night we had chicken fajitas for dinner.
This is quite possibly the EASIEST crockpot dish EVER and my family snarfs em down every time I make em.

They are seriously tasty and they make your house smell super yummy!


Crock Pot Fajitas

4-6 chicken breasts {I used frozen}
1 bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing
1 red bell pepper
1 green pepper
1 onion

Place your chicken in the crockpot and then add your sliced peppers and onion.  Cover with an entire bottle of Zesty Italian dressing. 

Cook all day long.

Shred the chicken and then serve on tortillas with cheese, lettuce, salsa and whatever floats your boat.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

London's Parties: Disney Princess, Taylor Swift and Cupcake.

Today my sweet London turns 7.

Not sure how this is even possible...but it is.

Festivities today included: donuts for her classmates, Taco Bell lunch brought into the cafeteria by me and Grandma, gifts, more gifts, dinner at Blue 32 and dessert at DQ.

It was her OFF year for a party.
In our house, we do friend parties every OTHER year.
I love this schedule.

We've been reminiscing about party's past and I thought I would share the details with my lovely blog readers because these shin-digs were SO much fun to plan! 

When London turned 4 we had a Disney Princess Party....

Last year when she turned 6 - - she requested a TAYLOR SWIFT themed party...

And her very first birthday party EVER was a CUPCAKE party....

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fun Finds Friday {on a Monday night}.

Better late than never, right?!

I finally had a little extra time to browse around some of my favorite spots last week and boy oh boy - - these spots did NOT disappoint. 

Over at Hobby Lobby....

My front door NEEDS this darling wreath.
I MUST go back and get it before they are all gone.

LOTS of cute Easter banners to choose from....

Side Note: ALL Easter/Spring stuff at the Hob Lob is already 40% off! Cha-ching!

The Target $ bins have been freshly restocked with all things SPRING and EASTER and I was pretty much in heaven.

Can you EVEN .... with these jars?????

Such a lovely wooden sign for like a book shelf or a mantle.

Caraffes! In springtime colors!!!

These St. Pat's Day jars will be gone before this week is over.  I just KNOW it. {St. Pat's day stuff goes FAST I've learned}. They'd be SO fun filled up with gold Rolos.  Or better yet - - gold Hershey Treasures chocolates.

This wooden crate!
I'm thinking it would be fun to deliver cupcakes with one of these.  And to LEAVE the crate as part of the treat!

Ok for only a buck you can get this cute pacakge of cardstock eggs.  I think you could punch a whole in each one and thread some twine through it for some CHEAP and DARLING bunting. 

Easter Baskets???
Darling little puzzles all packaged up cute in different containers. 

I did splurge and buy me a new cake stand....for only 5 bucks!

I already have BIG plans for my kitchen table Easter centerpiece with this cute stand.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent running errands and birthday present shopping for London. {Her bday is on Tuesday - I can't even believe that she'll be 7!}

* Party prepped for my cute friend's SURPRISE 40th.

* Friday night, Joe took London on a date while I took the boys on a date.

I let them pick the place and we ended up at Five Guys.
The weather was perfect {80s} and we ate outside.
SO fun to spend time with these two.

* Saturday morning was spent setting up for my friend's SURPRISE party....

SO fun to plan a party for someone who you just KNOW will LOVE it.  

Also to be mentioned - - my friend Maureen risked her life by hanging my tissue balls on a not so sturdy ladder. Right next to a pool.

* Grant's basketball tournament was Saturday afternoon.

Boy, did he hustle his buns off but sadly they lost.
There's always NEXT season, right?
SO fun to watch him play.

We also had a really neat experience after his game.

We got to go into the wrestling room that is named after and deidcated to my husband's cousin who died while serving an LDS mission in Chile.

SO cool!
I felt as though he may have been smiling down on our 2 boys while they practiced some of their own moves on those very same mats.

* Saturday night was the SURPRISE 40th PARTY for my cute friend Melissa.  

It went off without a hitch and she was truly shocked!
SO fun to see her priceless expression.

Joe loved the hats I made so much that we just couldn't get him to take his off....

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
London was SO excited for the primary to sing to her.

Is it just me or does she look completely GROWN UP in this pic? Sighhhh.

* Sunday night we had a ward re-alignment meeting {our boundaries got changed} and get this - - - our NEW church time is....2:30 PM!!!! Yup - so we get OUT at 5:30 PM now...