Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Funnies I Can Relate To:

I saw this one on someone else's Instagram.
I busted out laughing.

I cannot even TELL YOU how many times this has happened to me.  


Oh.  My. Gosh.

My dear friend Maureen bought me this treat to try and I'm not even kidding - - I was scraping the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. The mini pb cups are perfectly soft and it is SO the right combo of things.  Reeses Lovers - - it's a MUST - - not even a question! Word on the street is that you can find it at Walgreens. 

Ok this one I have yet to try but it's on my list.
I just discovered it today at my local grocery store and I got overly excited!!!!

I mean, I LOVE the rolls like this - - I had NO idea they sold the bread! {Locals: it's on sale at Frys right now for $1.99!}

These would make the BEST ham sandwiches EVER!

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  1. Oh my gosh that instagram post though. Too true. It's both sad and hilarious! hahaha


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