Thursday, February 18, 2016

Choice and Accountability Handout.

If you're teaching a lesson to the youth this month at church - - chances are you'll be teaching the lesson on:

This lesson is SO important!

I taught this exact lesson a few years back and here are some ideas of what I did....

I'm a firm believer that EVERY SINGLE CHOICE we make in life has a consequence.
Good.  Or Bad.

I based most of my lesson off of THIS talk from President Monson.

I also texted each of my girls earlier in the week and told them to come prepared and ready to share an experience of a time when they had to make a choice in their life...and what their consequence was as  a result of that choice...whether good or bad.  

I closed the lesson by showing THIS video....which I LOVED.

As far as my handout went.....

President Monson spoke briefly in his talk about the movie Alice in Wonderland, and the process Alice went through in deciding what choice to make, when she was faced with a fork in the road.

I LOVE what he had to say about it:

Unlike Alice we all know where we want to go, and it DOES matter which way we go for by choosing our path, we choose our destination. - Thomas S. Monson

We talked a lot about our YW value of CHOICE & ACCOUNTABLITY and so I found it fitting to include some ORANGE treats for the girls to take home.
{Orange reperesents Choice and Accountablity}.

If you'd like a copy of my Alice in Wonderland handout you can download it HERE.

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