Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun Finds Friday....{plus some Trader Joe's Must Haves.}

* Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles are on sale right now - 2 for $24.  I went in today and got myself a couple of new ones....including this scrumptious new Easter one...

I've already lit it and it smells YUMMY!
Plus - wouldn't it be a cute little Easter gift for someone?

They also had these cute little green 'hanatizers' as London calls them....

Thinking I should've probably picked 3 up - 1 for each of my kids to have on St. Patrick's Day.

More Target $ Bin goodness this week.....

Burlap Bunny Napkin rings????
Yes please!

Adorable felt bunny bunting - - $3..

Let's talk Trader Joe's for a bit...

I LOVE this store.
I HATE that there isn't one around the corner from me.

The closest one is about 20 minutes away - - which probably is a good thing - - otherwise I'd be there ALL the time.

Whenever I go, I stock up on my greeting cards.
They're adorable AND only 99 cents ALL the time.
Thank You's, Weddings, Birthdays...they have em all.

Their Orange Chicken is the main reason I went today. My Carson LOVES it SO SO much!
I've been promising it to him for weeks.

And I must admit - - it IS delish!!!
{I only wish they sold their orange chicken sauce in a bottle so we could add EXTRA sauce to our plates. It's that good.}

Today was the first time I've purchased and tried these peanut butter cups and OMG you guys!!!!!

They are divine!

The pb on the inside is creamy {I hate that word} and soft.

YuM! YuM! YuM!

TJ's Kettle Corn is a family favorite.
It doesn't last more than a night in our house which is why I bought TWO this time.

I branched out and also picked up a bag of this to try....

Ummmmm....they are RIGHT ON when they say it's like movie theater popcorn.  It is seriously the BEST!!!! The boys and I snacked on it after school today and.....there's none left for Joe to try. {Don't tell him.}

People have always recommended to me their Mac 'n Cheese and while I haven't tried it YET....I did see this 'reduced guilt' version so I'm giving it a try.

Only 6 grams of fat for the WHOLE thing!
We'll see.


  1. You must try their croissants! They are so good & easy. Makes for a fun special breakfast.

    1. Yum! Croissants = right up my alley. Are then in the frozen section? Bakery section? Do tell....


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