Sunday, February 14, 2016

This {Valentine's} Weekend:

* Friday was spent running errands and helping out with classroom Valentine parties. My kids came home from school sugar-ed up and happy as can be.  I love watching them go through each little Valentine to read the messages and see who it's from. 

* Some of my aunts and uncles and cousins came into town from Utah on Friday night and so we met up with them for dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant

So fun to visit with them and laugh.
There's always guaranteed laughter when we're together.

* Remember how last weekend we spent the weekend in the ER with my mom? {She's much better, thank goodness!} Well this weekend {after dinner} we spent the rest of Friday evening in the ER with my sister!!!!!

Because I'm a NICE sister - - I chose to blot out her face.
Because let's be honest - - who wants their picture plastered on the internet RIGHT BEFORE they head into surgery???
{I sure wouldn't}.

She needed an emergency appendectomy.

My family and I thought it was just too funny that  - - there we were - - back together in the hospital one week later.  We couldn't not photograph it. {Sometimes, I swear, we think the weirdest things are funny.}

It's times like these that I feel so very fortunate that we all live so close to each other.

* Saturday morning, Joe and Grant headed downtown for a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that Grant was involved with all weekend.

Go Hot Shots!
Grant scored 5 buckets and it was such a great experience for him.  Even though they lost - he came home BEAMING!

It's SO fun seeing your children become passionate about something.

* Meanwhile, the other 2 and I had a lunch date.

We were competely ON THE GO last week and it definitely took a toll on London.  Our main agenda for Saturday was for her to REST and do nothing.  I think it worked!
{P.S. Iceberg's mini-shakes? Oh my! They're my FAVE!}

* Saturday night we continued on our {2nd year} annual tra-dish Valentine's date night with one of our favorite couples.

La Grande Orange for dinner {YUMMMM!} - their roasted corn pizza is my FAVE! and then The Stand for milkshakes afterwards. {Yup - if you're doing the math - that's right...I had 2 milkshakes on Saturday and I feel really good about it.} 
I've been dreaming about their Banana Stand milkshake all day today.  It. was. HEAVEN!

* Sunday morning {VALENTINE'S DAY!} the kiddos woke up to our traditional decorated breakfast table + hearts leading them from their bedrooms down to the kitchen.

I LOVE that they get SO excited about our holiday traditions.

* Churchey-church. I promised my cute primary class a little Vday party during class time. I could eat them up they're all so cute. Joe and I gave them these little goodies...

* Sunday afternoon naps. 

* Steak + salmon for our family Vday dinner - - grilled on the BBQ by Joe in this gorgeous weather we are partaking of. {Seriously though - - locals - - did you SEE the sunset tonight?!?!}

Hope you were able to eat lots of chocolate and REST today!
Both things are GOOD for the soul :)

Also GOOD for the soul?
Sleeping in! Which I'm super duper excited about that we get to do tomorrow!!! Hooray for a day off from school! Oh and also for the Presidents of the United States ;)


  1. Oh bless your sister hope she feels better soon.
    What a cute valentine's day. I bet your primary class love you!
    We have the whole week off wahoo

  2. Love your blog and especially the visiting teaching handouts. Had to let you know that I recognized some of the people in your family picture at the restaurant. Ken and Casey happen to be high school friends of my son-in-law and were best men at my daughters wedding. Small world!

    1. No way!!! SUCH a small world. Too funny! Thanks for sharing....xoxo


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