Monday, February 8, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent up at the kiddos school.
I was in charge of decorating London's classroom bulletin board and this is what I came up with ...

Is it freakishly weird that I absolutely LOVE doing stuff like this? And thank goodness for my Silhouette machine because I was able to cut out all of those letters and candy shapes with it. Time. Saver.

* The rest of my day was spent cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  I get on my kids all the time about having a skeevy bathroom but I realized - - - Joe and I's was just as skeevy on Friday.  Bleh.  Cleaning bathrooms = one of my LEAST favorite things on the planet.

I realized it was time to refresh my 'ponderize' scripture on my bathroom mirror.
Gosh, I love this one.
I hope to have it memorized to heart soon.

* Friday night we dropped London off at Grandma Marilyn's for a sleep-over {she was on cloud 9!} and then the boys and I headed over to Cafe Rio for dinner.

They've had a BUY 1 GET 1 coupon floating around on the internet and we just couldn't pass it up.

Their salads >>> any other salad.

* The rest of our evening was spent watching the 

Oh my gosh YOU GUYS!!! Did you see it???
Joe and I were fascinated!

Cannot belive that someone could have THAT MUCH GREED!  And sadly - it tore apart his entire family - - not to mention all of the other thousands of families his actions also affected.  Gahhhhhh.

* Saturday morning basketball game for Grant.

We finally got A WIN!!!! and G-dawg played AWESOME!

* The weather this past weekend has pretty much been ideal.

Sorry all of you East Coasters who are dealing with the snow right now! I've said it before though - - if you have not yet visited AZ in the winter time - - you MUST add it to your TO-DO list pronto.

* Saturday night we grilled cheeseburgers and ribs on the BBQ. 

My husband sure does 'em up GOOD!

* The rest of my Saturday evening was spent making these little picture frames for my cute little primary kiddos...

Can you guess what our lesson was on? ;)

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Superbowl party at our dear friends' house afterwards.

Their TV room is pretty deluxe and we all decided that this needed to be a tradition EVERY Superbowl over at their bomb-diggity house.

Between the 4 of us couples - - these are all of our kids.
Aren't they the cutest?
And they all play SO well together!

****** Big fat bummer news: as the Superbowl was ending, I got a text from my sister that my mom was in the hospital. Gulp. We think she suffered a mini stroke. By the time I made it over there to see her - - most of her symptoms had subsided and she was doing much better HOWEVER...she's still there and they are running a bunch of tests on her.  

Prayers are welcome! 

She was of course, her normal happy and jovial self this morning when I went up to see her. I do wish she'd slow down some.  She is CONSTANTLY on the go doing for others and helping people at church.  She just needs to knock it off! {chuckle} and take care of HERSELF for once!

Will know more later today.


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