Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent running errands and birthday present shopping for London. {Her bday is on Tuesday - I can't even believe that she'll be 7!}

* Party prepped for my cute friend's SURPRISE 40th.

* Friday night, Joe took London on a date while I took the boys on a date.

I let them pick the place and we ended up at Five Guys.
The weather was perfect {80s} and we ate outside.
SO fun to spend time with these two.

* Saturday morning was spent setting up for my friend's SURPRISE party....

SO fun to plan a party for someone who you just KNOW will LOVE it.  

Also to be mentioned - - my friend Maureen risked her life by hanging my tissue balls on a not so sturdy ladder. Right next to a pool.

* Grant's basketball tournament was Saturday afternoon.

Boy, did he hustle his buns off but sadly they lost.
There's always NEXT season, right?
SO fun to watch him play.

We also had a really neat experience after his game.

We got to go into the wrestling room that is named after and deidcated to my husband's cousin who died while serving an LDS mission in Chile.

SO cool!
I felt as though he may have been smiling down on our 2 boys while they practiced some of their own moves on those very same mats.

* Saturday night was the SURPRISE 40th PARTY for my cute friend Melissa.  

It went off without a hitch and she was truly shocked!
SO fun to see her priceless expression.

Joe loved the hats I made so much that we just couldn't get him to take his off....

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
London was SO excited for the primary to sing to her.

Is it just me or does she look completely GROWN UP in this pic? Sighhhh.

* Sunday night we had a ward re-alignment meeting {our boundaries got changed} and get this - - - our NEW church time is....2:30 PM!!!! Yup - so we get OUT at 5:30 PM now...



  1. Oh that is not a fun church time!..we're you assigned to a new ward? a new calling?
    London is growing just goes by too fast!
    What a fun party ☺

    1. No we weren't assigned to a new a ward but a big chunk got taken out and a new chunk of our neighborhood got put in. {Previously our neighborhood alone was 3 different! wards if you can believe it.} No new calling as of yet.

  2. Yuk on the church time! They redid our ward boundary a month ago. Our time didn't change. I can't believe London will be 7.

    1. I know right?! I'm trying to wrap my brain around it - seems like I just had her! And sadly - - I still haven't lost my weight from being pregnant with her - LOL!!!

  3. You don't know me but I love popping in to see what you are up to. You are so creative and fun! and btw I appreciate all your visiting teaching handouts and your love for good food. :) I JUST HAD to comment and say something about your church time woes...because it brings back a good memory for our family. We used to live in Gilbert 13 years ago. It was like a little Utah back then...probably still is ;) but the wards and church bldgs were so over crowded at that time. We actually had church for just 2 1/2 hours!!! instead of 3 to accommodate all the members and wards that had to be in our building. I love me some church every Sunday, but gosh that was really nice. haha

    1. OMG 2 1/2 hours is GENIUS!!! Hahaha. If only! Gilbert is still little Utah - in fact my husband and I call it the 'Provo' of AZ. Lol.

    2. And thanks! for your sweet comments....xoxo

  4. Hi Marci, What does your ward do for the kids b-days? I am Primary Pres and I like to do different things each year. What is setup on the table behind London?

    1. They do the cutest thing! Each birthday kid gets a CTR Birthday Buck. After church is over, they get to take it over to the Bishop's office and choose out a regular sized candy bar. The kids LOVE it and it's fun for them to get to interact with the Bishop.


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