Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Lunch + Sonic Drink Day.

This week is our school's annual
Teacher Appreciation Week!

{Yes, I know that technically, the official Teacher Appreciation week isn't until May.  But that week is always so busy with other activities at our school that we changed it!} 

You can see a list of ALL of the fun things we have planned for our fabulous teachers HERE.

Today we hosted a salad bar luncheon.

I created a Sign Up Genius online and had 18 people sign up to bring all different kinds of salads. {I usually plan to feed about 60 people and this was the PERFECT amount of salads for that size.}

I made a big backdrop sign with our week's theme {using my Silhouette to cut out the letters} and then decorated with balloons {since they go with the word 'UP' right?}

I put together some chicken salad sandwiches as well.
Chicken salad from Costco + Hawaiian Rolls = easy.

People brought in the BEST salads!
We had everything from: potato to fruit to quinoa to spinach to broccoli to pasta...and the list goes on!

And of course....dessert was needed too!
{You can't have a luncheon without dessert, right!}

I like to spruce up the tables a little in the break room when we have these types of luncheons....

Wrapping paper and balloons did the trick!

It was so fun.
The teachers left feeling full and loved {at least I hope so!}

Yesterday we did a SONIC Drink run for all of the teachers and staff.  Prior to this day, I handed them each out one of these sheets in their mailboxes....

I collected them all the day before and then we emailed our order into the manager so that they'd be ready for us when we came.  We also worked out a deal where we got all of the drinks for Happy Hour prices.

56 drinks in the back of my mini van with my cute friend Chanda who pretty much had to straddle them all so they wouldn't tip over. LoL. {She didn't think it was LOL at all though, haha!}

Monday, March 28, 2016

This {Easter} Weekend:

* Friday the kiddies had the day off. 
We {mostly I} slept in and then we had ice-cream for lunch.
{Because who doesn't love ice-cream for lunch, right?}

THIS new cute little shop just opened up in downtown Chandler. You get to choose from a variety of different homemade ice-creams - - and then you get to sandwich that between a variety of homemade cookies.

It's pretty tasty!

* Friday night date night HERE with fun friends.
We got to hang out with one of Joe's buddies from highschool and his wife.  It made me wish that I had highschool friends that lived closer to me. {Donna, Devon and Jill - - I'm talking to you. Wouldn't it be SO fun to get together for dinner?}

* All day Saturday we celebrated our anniversary.
13 years!!!
{Technically our anniversary is on the 27th but with that being Easter this year, we celebrated a day early.}

All I wanted for our anniversary was to spend the day together sans kiddos. {Is that bad?}

We dropped the kids off at my parents that morning and then proceeded to pretty much just eat our way through the day.

First stop: Black Bear Diner
OH my goodness.
This might just be my new favorite spot.
Biggest biscuit EVER and best hash browns EVER.
Can't wait to go back.

Then it was onto shopping.
We hit up some of our very favorite spots downtown.

I got a much needed pedicure afterwards while Joe got his haircut and then got my car cleaned inside and out.
{If that doesn't scream TRUE LOVE I don't know what does!}

I spiced things up a little with GREEN on my toes this time.
I'm usually a pink or purple girl.
I feel like a different woman! {Kidding}.

We swung by See's to pick up some Easter chocolates...

Hands down their 'P-nut crunch' is the way to go.
It's my VERY VERY fave from there.

We finished the festivities off with dinner at The Stand.
{Speaking of new favorite joints...this place is one of them!}

Goofy picture courtesy of Joe

Their banana shake is TO. DIE. FOR.
End of story.

That cheeseburger in the background stole the show.
That's where it's at, people!

* Easter Sunday.

We woke up and had a big breakfast together and spent the morning preparing for church. 

Things worth mentioning at church that day:

* I played the piano for the most beautiful soloist.
She introduced me to THIS song and I may have teared up a little while playing it for her in Sacrament.  

* I survived teaching Gospel Doctrine.

* I got a new calling.

So sad to not be teaching my cute little primary kiddos anymore.  

Starting a new chapter though.....
2nd couselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency.

And guess what?!? I've never EVER served in Relief Society before {joke's on them right?} and I can't even tell you the last time I've even BEEN in Relief Society {it's ALWAYS been Young Womens and Primary up until now.}

So......I guess you could say I'm up for the challenge.
And actually really REALLY excited {and nervous}.
And blessed.

* Easter dinner was at Joe's parents house this year.

It was the perfect evening of eating outside, hunting for eggs and having a family devotional.

We are SO grateful that we get to spend these fun holidays with family. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for another FUN FILLED family get together.   Memories made!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

This week has been busy BUSY.

Things that have been occupying my time:

* Preparing to teach a Gospel Doctrine class at church on Sunday.
{Ummm, what? Why on earth would think it would be a good idea for ME to teach this class? Luckily...its just a one time gig - but still!}

* Practicing a piano piece to play in Sacrament on Sunday.
I'm accompanying a soloist who has the most BEAUTIFUL voice around and I'm terrifed that I might butcher the entire song for her.

* Prepping for the Easter bunny.

* Prepping for Teacher Appreciation Week next week.
{Ours is early this year!}

Here's what we've got planned for it - - -

Anyhoozle - not much time for milling around in the stores lately.
I did manage to {quickly} hit up Michaels though and they had loads of cute goodies in their $1.50 bins.
{Why on earth did they have to go and add that .50 cents? Why couldn't they have just kept everything $1?}

These cute little ceramic jars WITH spoons.
They'd be perfect for sugar or sprinkles.

These fun school themed notecards.
They'd be GREAT for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Why do I love wooden spoons so much?
Maybe it's because they remind me of those little tiny ones from back in the day that came with the ice-cream cups in the school cafeteria?

I spotted these cake toppers on an endcap there.
They're felt.
And aren't they fun?

I also managed to {very briskly} walk down the party aisle at Target today....

I am SOOO tempted to go back and buy that white cake stand. The scalloped edge just seals the deal for me.

Happy Easter Weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

General Conference Treat {Motivator}.

Raise your hand if you're excited for General Conference?
{BOTH my hands are up! That's how excited I am.}

General Conference = extreme spiritual uplifting action.
And I LOVE it!

Last Conference I made up THESE little treats to hand out.
This conference I've come up with something different.

Because who doesn't love a fresh glass of lemonade?

Pair my tag up with a big jar....

...or a little jar....

If you had access to fresh lemons {AZ peeps!} you could even put some in a basket and deliver 'em with the tag attached.

The point is - - to get your peeps to watch Conference!!!

I've handed these little motivators out before to my:
Young Women
Primary kids
Visiting Teaching sisters

To download a copy of my FREE tags click HERE.
{There are 3 on a page!}

As always - if you plan to download any of my tags - I 

just ask that you PLEASE make sure to become 

an official follower of my blog

{right hand side under 'Join Site'}.

You can also follow me on 

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Also - - I am MORE than flattered when others

 'replicate' my ideas and come up with their 

'own' tags.  I just 

PLEASE ask that you give credit where credit 

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this original post.  xoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

EGG-ing your Neighbors + free printable!

It's that time of the year again when our neighborhood becomes all abuzz with EGG-ing each other.

Not the yucky kind though {thank gosh!}

The EASTER-y kind!

This has been one of our family's FAVORITE traditions for years now.  

Its really quite simple.

Fill up 12 plastic eggs with treats.
Scatter them around your neighbor's yard.
Then leave THIS printable inside of a basket, explaining to them that they've been EGGED and it's their turn to do it all again the next evening.

Knock on their door and then
 'run like the dickens' {my mom still to this day uses that phrase! what IS the dickens anyways??} so that you don't get caught. Part of the FUN of this is doing it all anonymously.  

My kids LOVE it!
I usually do up 3 baskets and let them each pick a house to EGG.

It's sure to brighten someone's night.
It always does!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday the kiddies all went off to different camps for the morning.

London went to PRINCESS camp....
{I seriously think she could be Snow White's mini-me at Disneyland...don't you?}

And the boys went off to a Nerf Gun/Waterballoon Camp.

Don't worry...Carson got nailed and is actually LAUGHING in pain.  Not crying.

This all meant...I had the morning TO MYSELF and it was quite nice, actually.

I milled around Target and hit up some thrift stores.
{Things I haven't been able to do with all 3 kids in tow over Spring Break.}

Joe and I did date night on Thursday night this week which meant FAMILY night on Friday night.  

We ate dinner at home and then went out for fro-yo.

It was my lucky night because they had MINT CHIP fro-yo - - and man that hits the spot!
{Mix it with crumbled OREOS and chocolate sprinkles and it's a DELIGHT!}

* Afterwards consisted of Joe and I watching our new fave show + a new episode of Dateline.  Doesn't get much better than that, right?

* Saturday morning we all slept in {bliss!} and then went to watch my nephew perform at his drumline competition.

So fun to get to watch him do this. 
Can't quite believe he'll be graduating highschool in May!

* Grant and I snuck off for a little date afterwards.....

...and we saw.....


Sooooooo GOOD you guys!
We both LOVED it.
Such an awesome story of perserverance.
And it's a TRUE story to top it all off! 

* Sunday morning we leisurely hung around the house.
We made a big breakfast + played a few rounds of HEADBANDZ together.

I said it before and I'll say it again - - - 
I actually REALLY really like 2:30 pm church.

I heard 2 of my all time fave 'church' songs while getting ready so that was a win!......

And then we went to church, came home and had spaghetti and meatballs and watched AFV together. 

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!
I turned my a/c on today...I just couldn't take it any longer. 

On Tap for This Week:

* Spring Break comes to an end.
Kids go back to school on Tuesday.

* Searching for the perfect Easter outfits for everyone - 
why is this so stressful?

* Blogging about my NEW General Conference Treat
{Eek! It's in just 2 weeks. I can't wait!}

* Prepping for the Easter Bunny to come!

* Prepping for Teacher Appreciation Week at the school. 
{Ours is early this year!}

Bring on the DIET DR. PEPPER!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Coombs Easter Decor.

I'm a little bummed out that Easter is so dang early this year.
Just like a week left and then what.....? We don't get to celebrate anything til summer! 


Oh well.

I've got some cute decor up in my house and this makes me happy. I've basically decided - - I don't care what holiday it is -- I'm going to decorate for it. Decorating for holidays just adds that extra dose of cheer in your house, ya know?

Here are a few of my favorite spots:

That silver watering tin {or whatever you call it} was in the $ bins a few months back! LOVE putting flowers in it.

Easter tree from Pottery Barn.
{Purchased the day after Easter one year - typical fashion for me - as it was on clearance!}

Pink tray + jars from Target $ bins - - another score.
I don't know who digs into the peanut butter M&Ms MORE.
Me? Or my kids?

I'm working so hard at that chalkboard art of mine.
Does anyone have any good tips?

{Bunny + basket from Hobby Lobby}.