Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Place Setting Ideas.

Does anyone else keep thinking that today is Friday?
Spring Break is really throwing me off with the days of the week.  

The weather this week has been more than ideal.
Windows open.
The smell of orange blossoms right out my back door.

We are loving it.

I am also loving that Easter is just around the corner. 

Joe and I luck out in the holiday department because we always have a place to go with both of our families living nearby.

So even though we're not hosting Easter dinner this year {phew!} I still LOVE looking at beautiful Easter table settings.  You can never see enough, ya know?

Here are a few of my favorites....


A food I don't like to eat however this usage of a vase + a name card is genius!!! 

Thyme is Honey
Name cards don't have to be fancy nancy.
Sometimes - the simpler, the better.
These would be SUPER simple.
You could even do a cut out of an egg with these.

I looooooover lavendar.
The look AND the smell.

If you have a Cricuit or Silhouette machine, you could cut out the 'Happy Easter' saying easily.  Otherwise, you could do without and just use the lavender - it pretty much steals the show anyways.
In My Own Style

My sister hosted Easter last year and she made up something very similar to these bunny napkins.

They were ADORABLE!
{Go to the site listed - they include the free template to print!}

More simplicity - - just an egg with a name written on it.
However it still manages to look swoon worthy, right?

How about the kiddie table?

One Creative Mommy

Peeps are so darn nasty to eat but they do make cute decorations.  LOVE these napkin holders.  And what kid wouldn't LOVE to be able to eat their napkin holder?

Speaking of things to eat....


These little spray painted flower pots would be so fun at each childs plate. Althought with my own kids, I'd prob have to take these away til after they ate their dinner. ;)

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  1. Easter is my 2nd fav holiday to decorate for ..especially table decor..but I'm not hosting this year either. . First time in forever lol