Tuesday, March 22, 2016

EGG-ing your Neighbors + free printable!

It's that time of the year again when our neighborhood becomes all abuzz with EGG-ing each other.

Not the yucky kind though {thank gosh!}

The EASTER-y kind!

This has been one of our family's FAVORITE traditions for years now.  

Its really quite simple.

Fill up 12 plastic eggs with treats.
Scatter them around your neighbor's yard.
Then leave THIS printable inside of a basket, explaining to them that they've been EGGED and it's their turn to do it all again the next evening.

Knock on their door and then
 'run like the dickens' {my mom still to this day uses that phrase! what IS the dickens anyways??} so that you don't get caught. Part of the FUN of this is doing it all anonymously.  

My kids LOVE it!
I usually do up 3 baskets and let them each pick a house to EGG.

It's sure to brighten someone's night.
It always does!

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