Thursday, March 24, 2016

General Conference Treat {Motivator}.

Raise your hand if you're excited for General Conference?
{BOTH my hands are up! That's how excited I am.}

General Conference = extreme spiritual uplifting action.
And I LOVE it!

Last Conference I made up THESE little treats to hand out.
This conference I've come up with something different.

Because who doesn't love a fresh glass of lemonade?

Pair my tag up with a big jar....

...or a little jar....

If you had access to fresh lemons {AZ peeps!} you could even put some in a basket and deliver 'em with the tag attached.

The point is - - to get your peeps to watch Conference!!!

I've handed these little motivators out before to my:
Young Women
Primary kids
Visiting Teaching sisters

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  1. I LOVE it! The First Pres. Message for April is about conference so I printed some excerpts from that on the back of this adorableness to take with a bag of lemons to Home Teaching families as well, so great, thanks!

    1. OH yay! So glad you are able to use it! Thanks for letting me know. I didn't even THINK to send these off to my husband's home teaching families. Love it! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome tags! So cute!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! So cute. Giving to the ladies I VT.

  4. Love these so much. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas. I have been trying to think of something for my missionary. I wanted to do a getting excited or get ready for General conference. I haven't been able to find anything. But I found this because I thought "who is the most creative and thoughtful, generous woman I know?" Well Marci is. So I wen to your page and found this. It's so great. Thanks so much!

    1. Well thanks so much!!! I have a NEW General Conference tag now as well and you can check it out here...