Monday, March 14, 2016

Prayer Pretzels Handout.

Yesterday, the lesson in primary that Joe and I taught was:

I've seen the idea for Prayer Pretzels floating around on the internet and decided to make up my own handout. 

Since our kiddos are only 6 turning 7 - I kept the basis of these pretzel treats pretty simple. If you were teaching kids just a bit older, you could tell them THIS story.

I had high hopes of finding the pretzels pre-packaged in the small snack size individual bags. But....since I went to the store on Saturday night and I was too tired to run around to different stores, I settled with a big bag of pretzels that I divided up into these little white cookie bags I had on hand. 

They worked just fine and the kiddos LOVED em!

To download a copy of my FREE PRAYER PRETZELS tag 
click HERE.