Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Lunch + Sonic Drink Day.

This week is our school's annual
Teacher Appreciation Week!

{Yes, I know that technically, the official Teacher Appreciation week isn't until May.  But that week is always so busy with other activities at our school that we changed it!} 

You can see a list of ALL of the fun things we have planned for our fabulous teachers HERE.

Today we hosted a salad bar luncheon.

I created a Sign Up Genius online and had 18 people sign up to bring all different kinds of salads. {I usually plan to feed about 60 people and this was the PERFECT amount of salads for that size.}

I made a big backdrop sign with our week's theme {using my Silhouette to cut out the letters} and then decorated with balloons {since they go with the word 'UP' right?}

I put together some chicken salad sandwiches as well.
Chicken salad from Costco + Hawaiian Rolls = easy.

People brought in the BEST salads!
We had everything from: potato to fruit to quinoa to spinach to broccoli to pasta...and the list goes on!

And of course....dessert was needed too!
{You can't have a luncheon without dessert, right!}

I like to spruce up the tables a little in the break room when we have these types of luncheons....

Wrapping paper and balloons did the trick!

It was so fun.
The teachers left feeling full and loved {at least I hope so!}

Yesterday we did a SONIC Drink run for all of the teachers and staff.  Prior to this day, I handed them each out one of these sheets in their mailboxes....

I collected them all the day before and then we emailed our order into the manager so that they'd be ready for us when we came.  We also worked out a deal where we got all of the drinks for Happy Hour prices.

56 drinks in the back of my mini van with my cute friend Chanda who pretty much had to straddle them all so they wouldn't tip over. LoL. {She didn't think it was LOL at all though, haha!}


  1. You are the best!!
    So.. our school did a community dinner & auction fundraiser for the school.. we had people say no to bringing a dozen baked potatoes. .sigh lol

  2. Hi Is there anyway I can get your template for your Teacher Appreciation week flyer? These are fantastic ideas! Thanks!