Monday, March 28, 2016

This {Easter} Weekend:

* Friday the kiddies had the day off. 
We {mostly I} slept in and then we had ice-cream for lunch.
{Because who doesn't love ice-cream for lunch, right?}

THIS new cute little shop just opened up in downtown Chandler. You get to choose from a variety of different homemade ice-creams - - and then you get to sandwich that between a variety of homemade cookies.

It's pretty tasty!

* Friday night date night HERE with fun friends.
We got to hang out with one of Joe's buddies from highschool and his wife.  It made me wish that I had highschool friends that lived closer to me. {Donna, Devon and Jill - - I'm talking to you. Wouldn't it be SO fun to get together for dinner?}

* All day Saturday we celebrated our anniversary.
13 years!!!
{Technically our anniversary is on the 27th but with that being Easter this year, we celebrated a day early.}

All I wanted for our anniversary was to spend the day together sans kiddos. {Is that bad?}

We dropped the kids off at my parents that morning and then proceeded to pretty much just eat our way through the day.

First stop: Black Bear Diner
OH my goodness.
This might just be my new favorite spot.
Biggest biscuit EVER and best hash browns EVER.
Can't wait to go back.

Then it was onto shopping.
We hit up some of our very favorite spots downtown.

I got a much needed pedicure afterwards while Joe got his haircut and then got my car cleaned inside and out.
{If that doesn't scream TRUE LOVE I don't know what does!}

I spiced things up a little with GREEN on my toes this time.
I'm usually a pink or purple girl.
I feel like a different woman! {Kidding}.

We swung by See's to pick up some Easter chocolates...

Hands down their 'P-nut crunch' is the way to go.
It's my VERY VERY fave from there.

We finished the festivities off with dinner at The Stand.
{Speaking of new favorite joints...this place is one of them!}

Goofy picture courtesy of Joe

Their banana shake is TO. DIE. FOR.
End of story.

That cheeseburger in the background stole the show.
That's where it's at, people!

* Easter Sunday.

We woke up and had a big breakfast together and spent the morning preparing for church. 

Things worth mentioning at church that day:

* I played the piano for the most beautiful soloist.
She introduced me to THIS song and I may have teared up a little while playing it for her in Sacrament.  

* I survived teaching Gospel Doctrine.

* I got a new calling.

So sad to not be teaching my cute little primary kiddos anymore.  

Starting a new chapter though.....
2nd couselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency.

And guess what?!? I've never EVER served in Relief Society before {joke's on them right?} and I can't even tell you the last time I've even BEEN in Relief Society {it's ALWAYS been Young Womens and Primary up until now.}

So......I guess you could say I'm up for the challenge.
And actually really REALLY excited {and nervous}.
And blessed.

* Easter dinner was at Joe's parents house this year.

It was the perfect evening of eating outside, hunting for eggs and having a family devotional.

We are SO grateful that we get to spend these fun holidays with family. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for another FUN FILLED family get together.   Memories made!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Your lesson was great! My husband just found black bear and thinks it's great too, I think he just likes that it looks like a cabin in there... definitely gonna try Sammies, ice cream and cookies, wow!?!

    1. Thanks so much Allison! Tell your husband thanks for his comments in class too! You will LOVE Ice Cream Sammies!!!

  2. Happy anniversary. .. man I need to move there!!!!
    Oh you will love RS.. o can't wait to see what you do!!!

    1. I think it's time we finally meet in person Heidi - - you need to come and visit! ;) xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary! You will be great in Reluef Society.

  4. I'm excited to see what you'll be sharing via your blog with your new calling. (BTW - that's what you get for such cute VTing posts).