Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Things I NEED:

This donut pillow at Goodwill for ony $9.99.
{My husband teases me because I LOVE sprinkles on my donuts.  And so do 5 year olds.}

These cards spotted at Ross.
Raise your hand if you still LOVE getting handwritten notes in the mail? It's sorta my favorite thing EVER. 
Getting them AND sending them.

2 Sayings I LOVE:

Sad - but true.

Ain't nobody got time to check out other people's grass.
I'm doing good just to put a bra on in the morning! 


  1. Oh my goodness my daughter is obsessed with donuts! Did you buy that stuffed donut? If not could you tell me which goodwill it was at? Probably not there anymore but I'd love to check! Thanks!!

    1. I did not buy it! It's at the Goodwill on Higley and Queen Creek! Hope you can find it. xoxo