Monday, April 25, 2016

Family Home Evening Lesson: Speaking Kind Words.

It's Monday and that = Family Night for us.

During each of these family night's - - we like to give a little lesson {sometimes the kids give it!} on ways that we can improve ourselves or bring ourselves closer to Christ.

Family night ALWAYS ends with dessert and usually a round of London Bridges {my kids STILL love this song/activity -- isn't that funny?}

Last week I taught my lesson on the importance of SPEAKING KIND WORDS to one another.

After we sang our song and had an opening prayer, we went around the room and I asked each person to tell me something GOOD someone had said to them that week.

Then we went around the room and I told them to think of something MEAN or BAD that someone had said to them that week.

It was SO interesting to hear what they said.
{And to the kid who called my kid a loser last week - I wanna punch you in the face. JUST KIDDING!!! LoL.}

We talked about how these different words made them feel.

Then I got out a miniature tube of toothpaste and squeezed it until all of the toothpaste had come out onto my plate.

I asked the kids to try and PUT THE TOOTHPASTE back into the tube. I even provided them with toothpicks to see if that would help them.

It didn't.

YOU CAN'T PUT TOOTHPASTE BACK INTO THE TUBE once it's all squeezed out.

I likened this to our WORDS - - telling them that once we speak mean words to someone - - we can't take them back.  Granted, we can be forgiven of these mean words, but it's most likely that person will never FORGET those words. 

Words are hard to take back - just like the toothpaste was hard to put back into the tube.

Good.  OR Bad.
Words are powerful. 

Then we watched THIS short video on the power of positive words and my kids LOVED it! Such a sweet message.

I challenged them each to SPEAK KINDLY to those around them - - because we never know what an impact those words can make on someone's life.


  1. This is a great lesson! I want to use it for FHE sometime soon. Please keep posting your FHE lesson ideas!

  2. I love it! I will be teaching primary tomorrow. Would you mind to share me the link of the video you've watched. Thank you!!

  3. perfect for tonights FHE. My kids NEED this right now! :-o

    1. Yay - so glad you are able to use it! Thanks!! xoxo

    2. I am going to use it tonight! Gracias! :-)


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