Sunday, April 3, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was our last and final day of Teacher Appreciation Week.  

We had Oregano's cater our lunch {think PASTA!} hence, the CARB pun.  More details on this coming soon!

* Once I was done with that it was onto finishing up my Visiting Teaching handout for the month...

Details and Download HERE.

* Friday night was date night HERE with some of our most favorite friends. 

Everyone looks so happy in this picture, right?
{Well except for my husband.  He looks like he's about to blow.  What the?}

All we could do is laugh that night.

We waited TWO hours for a table.
THEN...we had to split up just to be seated.
Then we waited an HOUR for our food.
Then we found a big enough table and joined back together.

It was quite the fiasco and we were STARVING.
Thank goodness for fun company and the ability to LAUGH! 

* Saturday was just what I needed after such a busy week.

General Conference + relaxation and left over Easter chocolates.

I was SO uplifted from the talks given.
I loved every last word.

* Saturday night we met up with fun friends at the park right by our house. It's sorta been a little tra-dish to meet here for dinner with the kids when the husbands head off to the Priesthood session of General Conference.

It was perfect weather and wore my kids right out.

* More General Conference watching on Sunday.
I'm sorta bummed it's over! 
Elder Kearon and Elder Holland's talks pretty much rocked my socks off.  SO inspiring!

I got the YUMMIEST treat too, in between sessions of Conference from my brand new Visiting Teacher...

Delish salsa and a tag with one of my favorite quotes! 

*We grilled steaks for dinner and then I made up a yummy batch of my Cream Cheese Pan Sugar Cookie bars....

Recipe coming soon.

Side Note: We cooked broccoli to go with our steaks tonight and now my house REEKS of smelly farts.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this awful smell?!

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  1. no ideas on the smelly fart smell..LOL but I can't wait for that sugar cookie bar recipe!! looks delicious!