Monday, April 11, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started off with London's 1st grade Egg Drop.

The principal chucks each one off the rooftop of the school and London was SO delighted that her egg DID NOT break.

Hint: Pack it in a jar of peanut butter!
That's what we did - then we wrapped it in some foam and topped it off with some cute wrapping paper.

* Afterwards, I picked up two of my favorite lady friends and we headed out for a day of shopping and lunch.

These 2 are a hoot.
They took me to the biggest Hallmark EVER and we looked at about every last item in there.  So fun!

Lunch HERE - - I LOVED their carne asada.

* Date night on Friday night with fun friends.
Dinner at Buddyz - - locals! - their deep dish pizza {pictured on the bottom} is TO DIE FOR!!!

* Dessert afterwards at The Hot Cookie Truck.

Their 'Tomboy' {peanut butter} cookie seriously melts in your mouth.  We had SO much fun!

* Saturday morning was Carson's Pinewood Derby.

He wanted to make a 'Taco Truck' and my brother in law made that possible!

It may not have been fast {LoL} but it sure was a crowd pleaser.  Only a 'few' tears were shed that it came in about last place each and every race. Carson was SO proud of it after all was said and done.

* Saturday night the adults on Joe's side of the family celebrated my cute mother-in-law's birthday at Top Golf.  

This place is SO fun and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! 

The original Coombs clan.
L to R: Kent, Scott, Ryan, Marilyn, Joe, Jenny and Jay

* Sunday morning we all slept in and it poured down rain.
Us 'zonies LOVE the rain because it is SO SO rare out here in the desert.  Our windows were open and it was PERFECT!

* Churchey-church on Sunday afternoon.
I FINALLY got to attend Relief Society after I don't know HOW many years.  It was a nice little change but I did miss my sweet primary kiddos. 

* Tacos for dinner Sunday night followed by our family's NEW favorite show - - - Little Big Shots.

Have you guys seen this? It is SO cute. We love it.

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