Thursday, May 26, 2016

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.

2 Inspirational Books to Read:

I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! Everything the author talked about in this book is everything I hope for my home to be. I'm ready to read it again and highlight and underline my very favorite parts {which is pretty much the entire book}. 

P.S You don't have to be Mormon to read it.  
It's really and truly good for ALL faiths, I promise!

P.S.S. I know this is a long shot BUT....
does anyone know this author?????

I NEED her to come and speak to my stake Relief Society.

Find book HERE.

This one is geared more towards those of the LDS faith.
I read it up fast! {It's really not that long}.

Elder Russel M. Nelson's wife wrote it.

I cried and then smiled the whole way through it.

Find book HERE.

2 Random Bits from My Brain:


I know I am like SO super late to this ballgame but am I just now discovering these guys?

THIS song from Les Mis {their version} popped up on my Pandora station and I've been hooked ever since.


Let's talk about the commercials on the FreeForm tv channel. 

{It used to be ABC Family.}

Their commercials are highly inappropriate for kids and at times - even scary!

My kids watch that channel for their movies like: 101 Dalmations, Finding Nemo, etc.  

KIDS movies!

Their commercials are definitely NOT kids commercials.

What the heck happened to this channel?!?

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  1. I dumped cable/satellite years ago. Some of it had to do with the context of the commercials. I had a foster kid who was watching a cartoon, something on one of the commercials was a trigger, it really upset them. My kids and I decided together to dump it. I miss hgtv/diy, I used to watch ABC family. Guess I have to scratch it off my list.


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