Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Primary Singing Time Idea: Praise to the Man.

Last week I volunteered to 'sub' as the primary chorister for our singing time.  I'll admit - I had much more fun than I thought I would. Those cute little kids keep you on your toes!

Of course I went straight to the internet to find some ideas.  
I LOVED THIS one and completely copied it to my liking.

I used a science board foam board {the kind that folds} and then cut out my letters with my Silhouette machine.  I hand cut out 'Billy' and his body parts.

Note: If you are replicating this - make the hole for the balloon to go through his mouth quite small.  Just big enough to stick the balloon through the entire thing.

We went over the 'big words' that the song "Praise to the Man" has in it {there's a lot!} and then as we sang the song, every time a BIG word came up - - they had to sing it VERY LOUDLY  - - and Billy blew his bubble gum.  {My husband stood behind the posterboard in Jr. primary and blew the balloon up. In Sr. primary I let the kids take turns blowing the 'bubble' - - each with a different balloon of course as not to spread germs.

The goal was to get the bubble SO big that it would pop.

If they started to sing quietly - - the bubble got smaller {air was let out of the balloon.}

OH - and because I had different colors of balloons on hand - - each color was a different 'flavor' i.e. mint {green}, banana {yellow}, cherry {red}, etc.  The kids got to pick what flavor Billy wanted. 

Since I'm subbing again this week - - I told the kids that if they were extra good for sharing time - - I'd bring along Billy's sister - - Big Words Bubbblegum Betsy! ;)