Sunday, May 8, 2016

This {Mother's Day} Weekend:

* My Mother's Day weekend started out with our annual Muffins for Moms at the kids' school. 

We love this tradition and it's always extra fun because Joe helps serve the muffins with some of the other awesome dads.

If you know my husband - this pic is a classic.
Typical Joe making someone laugh. 

* Afterwards I headed over to the temple for a couple of hours. 

Gosh, I love being inside of this place.
I always feel so much better about life after I've gone.

* London's cute 1st grade class had a Mother's Day party in their classroom Friday afternoon.

Handmade gifts are pretty much my FAVORITE!
It was SO fun to see her beaming from ear to ear with all that she had done to prepare for this special activity.

* We stayed in Friday night, grilled hot dogs and watched Dateline. {Seriously. I have such a weird ob-sesh with this show.}

* Saturday was Grant's basketball tournament.

Watching these kids play their hearts out was better than any highschool game I've ever been to. 

{Ya gotta do a team dab, right?}
They beat an undefeated team in the play-offs and advanced to the final game with the #1 team.  They lost by only 3 points.  It was a real nail biter.  Couldn't have asked for a better season!

* Saturday night London and I snuck out for pedicures.
{Reason #1,489 I LOVE having a girl}.

The place we went to had purple walls and purple chairs and so if you know know that this is now my most favorite place to go.

* Sunday morning I slept in and was treated to a home cooked breakfast by my family.  It did not disappoint.

* Churchey-church and London and I were matchey-matched.

* I filled in for the primary chorister today and brought along my friend BIG WORDS BuBBleGuM Billy to help the kids learn their new song. 

{Details on this fun activity coming soon.}

* Lamoreaux family dinner Sunday night. 
My dad grilled burgers and brats and then had each of the kids write down what they LOVED about their Mom and Grandma.

SO fun to hear what they came up with. 
And to celebrate this holiday with my mom.

Gosh dang, I love her so much.
I've always been a momma's girl.
There's something about being around my mom {and dad!} that always seem to make things better. 
That magic touch they had when I was a kid is still there.

Oh, and if you don't know my mom {well, you're really missing out} - - HERE are a few of the reasons I love her so much.

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