Sunday, May 1, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning, Joe and I took the cutest boy from our ward out on a breakfast date.

This kid LOVES sprinkles on his donuts just as much as I do so it's a friendship match made in heaven.

* Afterwards, I headed up to the hospital to visit my dad.

Poor guy had to have ANOTHER surgery done on his stomach to un-kink his bowels. He's such a trooper.

* Lunch date with Grant at school.

My kids completely take advantage of the whole 'breakfast all day long' thing at McDonalds and so Grant requested a Sausage Egg McMuffin with fries. 

* Friday afternoon at 5:00 sharp, we headed back up to the school to see if the talent show try-out results were posted.

PHEW! All 3 kiddos made it!!!!!!
They were SO excited their heads were about to explode.
Can't wait to watch them take the stage in a few weeks!
{Grant is doing hip-hop. Carson is telling jokes. London is singing.}

* Date night at one of our favorite Chandler joints on Friday night. 

Their 'pizza muffins' are where it's at.

There was a Goodwill right down the street so I drug Joe along and we wandered through it. 

Ya know that song "The Freaks Come Out at Night"?
Well I was singing it to myself the entire time we were in the store.  CRAZY people there on a Friday night, folks!

Also crazy....?

This statue.
Because if 2 creepy clowns just don't SCREAM the word LOVE - I don't kow WHAT does!
{Clowns = CREEPY. No matter what. Who's with me?}

* Saturday morning we slept in.
Got chores done.
And then rewarded the kids with lunch at El Sol.

You guys! Their tacos + chips + salsa SPEAK TO MY HEART!!!! I seriously crave them ALL the time. {I'm already thinking of ways to convince Joe to take me there tomorrow for lunch}.

* Basketball game for Grant afterwards.

Grant has a pretty big fan club.
And check out my dad - - a couple of days post surgery!!!  He is SUCH a champ for coming out to support him.

* Saturday evening was spent freezing our tails off at a pool party. Ok... so I was the only one freezing.  My kids were having SO much fun they didn't realize that it was like winter temps here for AZ.

* Churchey church on Sunday.

*We came home to the BIGGEST butt rolls we've ever seen.

Butt-rolls = mouth watering carb-ed up goodness.

It's May 1st.
How the heck did that happen?

**** COMING TOMORROW - - - my MAY Visiting Teaching handouts!! And there's quite a few to choose from this month!
I'm excited.


  1. So fun!!
    And I'm with u all the way on creepy clown eeek

  2. I have a clown phobia! Hate them. (Shudder)


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