Monday, May 16, 2016

This Weekend:

* I started my Friday off by shopping with my mom and her BFF {who was in town} from UT. 

We hit up Jaxn Blvd first - -  I had been wanting to check this spot out for quite some time now.

It did not disappoint!
Sign after sign after CUTE CUTE sign! 

This one may have just been my fave though...

We hit up other necessary stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods where we spotted this gem....

My mom is constantly telling me to 'stop volunteering for things!' which is quite ironic because - - if you know my mom - - you KNOW she is the QUEEN BEE of VOLUNTEERING to do just about ANYTHING for ANYONE. So....we had a good laugh.

Lunch afterwards HERE.
I could seriously lick their bean dip dry.

My mom and her BFF Karen.
They've been BFFs since my mom was pregnant with me!
I LOVE their friendship.

* Meanwhile - - the boys headed up into the mountains for their 'Father and Son' ward campout.

....which meant a GIRLS WEEKEND for London and I.

* Our first matter of business, after picking her up from school, was to head straight to the mall...per London's request. {A girl after my own heart.}

Treats at Dairy Queen followed by shopping at some of London's favorite joints.

We hit up Barnes and Noble where I started my list of 'Summer Must Reads' on my phone. 

I need to get all of these for our trip to the cabin + this one that comes HIGHLY recommended from one of my lovely blog readers....

Have you read it?
I can't wait! 

* Breakfast out on Saturday morning.
{Who else doesn't cook when their husband is away?}

Locals: The Henhouse on Lindsay and Pecos is where it's at for breakfast.  We LOVE this place!!!

* The boys arrived home Saturday afternoon...

Car ride home - - I don't think they slept a wink in the tent!

...which meant lots and lots of smokey {campfire}, dirty, muddy, laundry for ME the rest of the day.

* The boys were too pooped to even go and get dinner so London, Joe and I skipped out to our favorite gas station/mexcian food joint for some bean and cheese burros Saturday night.
{We're super classy like that}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday followed by nephew's Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

SO proud of him.
He is such good examples to my kiddos.

Lamoreaux Eagles: Joe, Tyson, Kirk and Brent
Missing: Ryan
Afterwards we went back to my sister's house for dessert.

This pic accurately describes the atmosphere when we all get together.  

Kirk tickling the kids.
The kids teasing Kirk.
Buckeye the dog in the middle of the action.
My dad hiding in a corner {or if we're at my parent's house...he's usally hiding in his office. LoL.}

We are LOUD and proud!


  1. Oh that sign it!
    I never cook if dayna is

    1. You would seriously go nuts in that store Heidi!!!

  2. Oh that sign it!
    I never cook if dayna is

  3. I actually went to Tia Rosa's over the weekend and LOVED it! Thanks for the recvomendation.

    1. Oh yay!!! It's my fave - - LOVE their chips and salsa! xoxo

  4. Your the best thanks for the support
    Kim Jackson