Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 3 - Heber + Park City

Day 3 consisted of LOTS of laughter with these two...

SO fun that our kids to get to play with each other...

...I only wish they got to grow up with one another as close as their moms and I did.

We headed off to Park City for the afternoon.
{If you've never been to Park City - add it to your list of places to visit. It's beautiful}.

We rode the Alpine Slide....

The views were magnificent....

And this year -- there were NO injuries, so we considered it a BOOMING success!

Lunch was here....

A MUST try.

* We headed back to Heber, relaxed while the kids played and then Lori and Jenni made dinner for us.

Terriyaki chicken with rice served on a side of fresh pineapple.

SO fancy, right? 
It was as delish as it was beautiful.

Finished the night off with shakes from the Dairy Keen.
I highly recommend the Banana Cream Pie shake. 

{And if you're wondering...yes...we base our vacations around where we are going to eat next.  LoL!}

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 2 - Heber

Before we headed from Cedar City to Heber, we drove up the hill and took in the beautiful sight of the new temple being built.

I am SO excited about this particular temple {Cedar City has a special place in my heart} and I can't wait to go inside when it's all done.

Speaking of temples...

How gorge and unique is the new Provo temple?
It was the first time I've seen it and WoW!

So much GREEN on our way up the mountain.
{Green is foreign to us 'Zonies in the summertime}.

Once we got into town we headed straight to our very favorite place for pizza and fries in Heber.

Dinner was at Tony's Tacos.
99 cents for a carne asada street taco.
Doesn't get better than that!

My kids ADORE the kids we're staying with.

And then Jenni {one of my besties from childhood} came up and stayed the night with her kids.

We died laughing together!!!!

{Fun Fact: I grew up with Lori and Jenni back in VA. They're sisters and they're practically my second family.}

Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 1 - Road Trippin.

Today we made the trek to Cedar City - - we are en route to our friends house up in Heber. We'll stay up there and play until it's time to check into our cabin with the rest of my family. 

Driving to Cedar City is pretty sweet because the views are gorge....

......and the temps get cooler the farther you drive. 

Does anyone else's car look like this when you travel somewhere?

We made a pit stop at one of my MOST FAVORITE places to pit stop. 

Cute little Jacob Lake has HANDS DOWN THE BEST COOKIES in all of the world. {Disclaimer: I haven't actually traveled around the world. But I'm sure if I had -- they'd still rank at the top}.

Their lemon sugar cookies are where it's at!

I started a new book.....

....which I'm not so sure if I like yet. 
I'll give it a few more chapters and report back {because Im sure you all are just dying to know, right?}.

The last half hour of our trip was spent stuck in traffic on the mountain and these kids were troopers....

We finally rolled into town around 7 and met right on up with my sweet Aunt and Uncle for dinner at one of my most favorite places to eat in Cedar City.

Looooove this place and their breadsticks!

Bonus: It's ONLY in the 90s here!!!! It's like fall for us! ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we headed to the circus!

Not to brag or anything but....I WON! tickets from the radio station.  I was pretty excited. {Let's be doesn't take much to excite me}.

We had sweet seats and the kids LOVED it.
Sadly....they replaced their elephants with camels and let's be honest with this too....the elephants were WAY more amusing. 

Besides that and the fact that a bag of cotton candy was $14!!!!! {and no I did not buy any once I realized this}...we had a fab-o time! 

* We stopped by one of our all time favorite Chandler joints for lunch afterwards.

Hands down BEST CALZONES ever.
Their pizza cookie stole the show though.

* Friday night we kicked it at home and watched....


K I absolutely LOVED this movie back in the 80s.
And I have to say...Disney did a SUPER good job with this re-make. The kids and I really enjoyed it.

* Saturday morning was spent running errands, cleaning house and doing laundry - - all in preparation for our family vacay these next couple of weeks.  Anyone else feel the need to deep clean their house before leaving or is it just me??

* Date night Saturday night {hallelujah!}
I feel like with the kids home all day every day during the summer - - date nights are VERY much essential.  
Who's with me?

We went to the movies and saw....
Super funny.
Silly funny.
I really do love Kevin Hart + the Rock.

Dinner afterwards HERE.

I can't even STAND how yummy their Pollo Fundido is.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I got to fill in and teach Grant's class.

These are the kids 11 years old turning 12 and WOW! what good conversation we had, all about planting the seeds of faith in our hearts. The youth these days never cease to amaze me.  Such GREAT kids!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Our road trippin begins tomorrow.
We are SO excited to ditch this heat for cooler temps.

Make sure to follow along {on Insta as azmarci + right here on my blog} for complete randomness + happenings along the way.  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

MORE cute school/teacher stuff in the Target $ bins.

Oh my gosh - these crates!!!

They have a SLEW of cute felt banners to hang around your classroom....

Loving these cute little bags too....

They'd be fun to fill with treats and give to your kids on the 1st day of school.

Know anyone going off to college?

These cute bath caddy's would be the perfect little gift.

And lastly over at H&M.....


I love this wooden crate.
I think it would be super cute filled up with succulents.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ice-Cream Sandwich Dessert.

This chunk of heaven was what I whipped up for our Father's Day dessert.  Per Joe's request.

It's incredible easy.
And tasty.
And you can pretty much make it however you like....

Here's how ours went down:

* 2 boxes of ice-cream sandwiches {I bought the mint chocolate chip kind because why not?}

* 1 jar of caramel ice-cream topping

* 1 jar of hot fudge 

* Big tub of Cool Whip {you won't end up using it all}

* Crushed Oreos {or I've used crushed Heath bar as well in the past}

Grab a 9x13 pan and unwrap enough ice-cream sandwiches to cover the bottom of the pan.

Top with your jar of caramel {may need to microwave it a bit so it pours easily}

Add a layer of Cool Whip on top of that!

Unwrap MORE ice-cream sandwiches to make a complete 2nd layer.

Top with your jar of hot fudge.

Add another layer of Cool Whip and top with crushed Oreos.

Place in your freezer for a few hours before serving.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Shows We're Watching Right Now:


If you have kids and LOVE to laugh - - set your DVRs to tape this show ASAP.  You'll totally be able to relate to every single storyline and every single joke. 

It's on the TVLand channel and the 2nd season just premiered last Sunday with 2 new episodes.

Joe and I die laughing.
Every. Single. Episode.


Not to be confused with the FX series I was just obsessed with.  This is an ESPN 5 part documentary and it is truly fascinating. Soooo many details I was unaware of.
{Don't worry if you missed it - - it's on On Demand}.  

2 Summer Recipes I Want to Try:

Anyone else LOATHE cooking in your kitchen when it's boiling hot outside?!? Sigh. I have got to come to grips with it and try out some new recipes.  Here's 2 at the top of my list...



Monday, June 20, 2016

This {Father's Day} Weekend:

* Our Friday looked a lot like this....

Grant came down with strep throat.
London came down with it 24 hours before.

It was fun times at our house.

*That afternoon, once I was sure London's antibiotics had started to kick in - - we ran over to the libaray to stock up on books.

Is it normal for a grown woman such as myself to ADORE childrens books SO MUCH? I LOVE reading them with London. THIS one and THIS one are our ALL TIME family favorites - - we've been reading them since the boys were babies.

* Saturday morning Joe went off to golf for Father's Day { 120 degree heat!} and Grant's meds had started to kick in a little so we ran out around lunch time to run a couple of errands. 

My car died.
And we had just spent $$$$ the day before to get it all tuned up for our trip.

It was awesome.
{Side note: Thankful for Sun Devil Auto - - they rock!}

Not so awesome?!
Waiting for an hour with these crazies.
{Kidding, not kidding}.
I had to separate the 3 of them more than I count.
The workers at the shop were probably more than ready to see us go.

All was well in the world again though when we stopped for lunch at our favorite mexican joint.

A Diet Coke + warm, salty chips make EVERYTHING better.

Things got EVEN better when we went to see....

Gosh, has Pixar EVER made a bad movie?!?
This one is SOOOO cute.
Add it to the list of faves!

* Father's Day on Sunday.

Doesn't fatherhood look good on Joe?
He makes our family life SO fun.

We attended church with my cute parents at their ward....

How lucky am I to have my dad {and mom} live just down the road?! And how is it that I never really realize just how tall my husband is until he stands right next to my dad? LoL.

Also worth mentioning.......
the BEST photobomb EVER happened!!! 

Afterwards, we headed back to my parents house for dinner. 
The cutest girls came to eat with us.

See that cute girl on the right?
I used to babysit her back when I was barely 12 years old and she was only a newborn!!!

And see her cute mom on the far left - - she was one of my mom's young women back in the day. She knew ME back when I was just in diapers.

We grew to love their sweet family OH SO MUCH!!!
It was SO fun to reconnect and reminisce with them.
{It made me feel REALLY old, too.}

We finished the night off by watching Game 7 of the NBA finals.  Sad to see Golden State lose but happy for LeBron.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
As mentioned - - - it's been 120 degrees here since Saturday.
Out of state people ask me all the time what it's like to live here in AZ in the summer time.

It's simple really.

Just like COLD state people stay indoors in the bitter winter - - that's what we do here.  We run our errands first thing in the morning or late at night once the sun has gone down.

Instead of sledding - - we swim!

Instead of building fires - - we crank down the A/C. 

Your hot chocolate is our popsicles.

And if I'm being honest - - I'll take this dry, oven-like heat ANY day over the humidity. And snow.