Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Shows We're Watching Right Now:


If you have kids and LOVE to laugh - - set your DVRs to tape this show ASAP.  You'll totally be able to relate to every single storyline and every single joke. 

It's on the TVLand channel and the 2nd season just premiered last Sunday with 2 new episodes.

Joe and I die laughing.
Every. Single. Episode.


Not to be confused with the FX series I was just obsessed with.  This is an ESPN 5 part documentary and it is truly fascinating. Soooo many details I was unaware of.
{Don't worry if you missed it - - it's on On Demand}.  

2 Summer Recipes I Want to Try:

Anyone else LOATHE cooking in your kitchen when it's boiling hot outside?!? Sigh. I have got to come to grips with it and try out some new recipes.  Here's 2 at the top of my list...




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  2. I watched some of the FX series on O.J. but now that I watched and was glued to my T.V. with the documentary, I want to go through the other series start to finish. Like I said in my post, I know I lived through this whole thing and remember when the verdict came in, but to see the back stories and the things we, as the public, weren't aware of, it is astonishing.


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