Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2fer Tuesday...on Wednesday.

2 Bits of Inspiration I LOVE!!! Right Now:

Word to your mother.
Let's SHOUT this one from our rooftops.

This may just be my new favorite quote.

2 Random Things I'm in LOVE With Right Now:


Local AZ East side peeps: Have you been to the new Sodalicious on Val Vista near San Tan????

Do it.
Right now.

Their cookies {and soda of course!} are to die for!!!
Plus - - they have a drive thru - - and that's a deal breaker for me.


This is my new fave song.
{I know I say this every week with different songs. I just can't help it}.

I've already listened to it about 27 times today.

****** I just finished our Coombs Summer Mix 2016!!!!
Sharing all of our songs on the cd tomorrow - - you'll probably wanna download em all and blare em from your computer speakers just like I've been doing all afternoon ;)

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