Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 2 - Heber

Before we headed from Cedar City to Heber, we drove up the hill and took in the beautiful sight of the new temple being built.

I am SO excited about this particular temple {Cedar City has a special place in my heart} and I can't wait to go inside when it's all done.

Speaking of temples...

How gorge and unique is the new Provo temple?
It was the first time I've seen it and WoW!

So much GREEN on our way up the mountain.
{Green is foreign to us 'Zonies in the summertime}.

Once we got into town we headed straight to our very favorite place for pizza and fries in Heber.

Dinner was at Tony's Tacos.
99 cents for a carne asada street taco.
Doesn't get better than that!

My kids ADORE the kids we're staying with.

And then Jenni {one of my besties from childhood} came up and stayed the night with her kids.

We died laughing together!!!!

{Fun Fact: I grew up with Lori and Jenni back in VA. They're sisters and they're practically my second family.}


  1. Isn't the Provo City Center beautiful? You will have to stop sometime and do a session it is so gorgeous inside. This one is my temple. haha

    1. I absolutely LOVED it!!! I would LOVE even more to do a session there - that's on my list of to-dos for next summer! xoxo

  2. While in Heber go to June Pies!!!

    1. Totally went yesterday! Got a hand pie and LOVED it! Blogging about it tomorrow! Thanks for the tip! xoxo

    2. I am so glad! I hope your trip is wonderful in Utah! I will have to get a few pointers from you when I vacation in Phoenix in September. Drive safe

    3. Yes - - for sure let me know all the deets - I'd love to help you out! xoxo


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