Friday, June 17, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

Welp, the only store I've been to pretty much this entire week has been Target - - and that's only because I've been in and out of their pharmacy TWICE for strep throat meds for the kiddos. Glad to have that nasty bug passing far from us!!! 

{Side note: Does anyone else strongly dislike the CVS pharmacy that has taken over inside Target stores?}

I was however, more than overjoyed to find NEW stuff in the $ bins each time I went.  Teachers....these are for YOU!

Such cute bulletin board decor ALL over the place.

Cute contact paper. 
BUT...I think you could use it as background paper for your bulletin boards as well, right?!

These banners would be fun to have hanging on your chalkboard/wipeboard the first week of school.
{Do schools actually still have chalkboards? Whenever I refer to one in the school my kids are like...huh??}

Hosting a BBQ for the 4th? 
Does it involve kids?
These paper placemats would be SUPER fun for them to color any way they want!

Now for my random online finds.....

Has anyone read this book?
It looks SO good.
I'm getting it for our upcoming road trip.
I am SO excited to read*read*read soon!


Anyone ever played this game?
It was recommended to me last year and I was never able to find it until.....I was shopping at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and SCORE! it was only 69 cents!


Fun Fact: Did you know that body suits from the 90s are still being made AND sold?

I didn't.

But as soon as I saw this, I had vivid memories flash through my mind of being in the 9th grade, walking down the halls of school, with the ultimate wedgie! wearing one of these classy bodysuits underneath my flannel shirt.

Anyone else?!? 

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