Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I took Carson out shopping for shoes.

Moms of boys - - how long do YOUR boys' shoes last?
Mine are at like a max of 6 months.
Which was fine when they were a couple of years younger but now that they are older - - their shoes are getting much more expensive.

* Met a dear friend for lunch HERE afterwards...

I swear, their pizza and shakes are my fave.
Sooooo yummy! 
And cheap!!

* Friday night was Grant and London's dance recital.
Both have been taking hip-hop classes at a local studio.

Things worth mentioning about their recital:

* Joe participated in the DAD dance battle and got to have a dance off with the kids.  For some reason he thought it seemed appropriate to wear his 'Thug Life' shirt featuring The Rock with a mullet. 
{He really was a hit. Joe. 
Not the Rock.}

* Grant's group danced as senior citizens. 
London's group danced as jail birds.

* With London's hair slicked back + her bright red lipstick - - she resembled a mini version of one of Robert Plant's backup dancers from 'Addicted to Love', right?

* They got to dance with their cute cousin Kate.

* Their brother Carson cheered them on from the crowd and was only mildly bored and ONLY went to the bathroom ONCE during the whole entire show.

* We are beyond lucky to have BOTH sets of grandparents live near by and support our kiddos in all that they do.

* Saturday morning we got donuts.
{I mean come was could we not?!!}

* We did chores around the house and I paid bills.

Lots of stinkin bills.
Getting the mail used to be SO much fun.

* We met my parents at McDs around lunch time....

.....and then it was back for round 2 of the kids' dance recital on Saturday night.  

{Can I just say how much I LOVE their dance studio?? All of their routines were SO good and everyones costumes were SO cute and classy.  Not your typical hoochie mama dance stuff like so many other places flaunt}.

* Carson and Joe had a 'guys night' while we were gone and went and saw 'The Jungle Book' which they both LOVED bytheway!

* Churchey Church on Sunday.

We came home, ate dinner and then Joe's cousin/my BFF who introduced Joe and I way back when -- came to visit with her kiddos.

They were in town from Florida and it was so fun to see them and catch up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
So incredibly saddened to hear about the tragic events that happened in Orlando, FL this morning.

Makes me sick to my stomach.

We need less hate and more love.


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  1. I have 5 sons ages 14-20. I also have 2 foster sons,11 and 12. ALL the boys are hard on shoes. I'm happy if I get 4 months out of them.