Sunday, June 26, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we headed to the circus!

Not to brag or anything but....I WON! tickets from the radio station.  I was pretty excited. {Let's be doesn't take much to excite me}.

We had sweet seats and the kids LOVED it.
Sadly....they replaced their elephants with camels and let's be honest with this too....the elephants were WAY more amusing. 

Besides that and the fact that a bag of cotton candy was $14!!!!! {and no I did not buy any once I realized this}...we had a fab-o time! 

* We stopped by one of our all time favorite Chandler joints for lunch afterwards.

Hands down BEST CALZONES ever.
Their pizza cookie stole the show though.

* Friday night we kicked it at home and watched....


K I absolutely LOVED this movie back in the 80s.
And I have to say...Disney did a SUPER good job with this re-make. The kids and I really enjoyed it.

* Saturday morning was spent running errands, cleaning house and doing laundry - - all in preparation for our family vacay these next couple of weeks.  Anyone else feel the need to deep clean their house before leaving or is it just me??

* Date night Saturday night {hallelujah!}
I feel like with the kids home all day every day during the summer - - date nights are VERY much essential.  
Who's with me?

We went to the movies and saw....
Super funny.
Silly funny.
I really do love Kevin Hart + the Rock.

Dinner afterwards HERE.

I can't even STAND how yummy their Pollo Fundido is.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I got to fill in and teach Grant's class.

These are the kids 11 years old turning 12 and WOW! what good conversation we had, all about planting the seeds of faith in our hearts. The youth these days never cease to amaze me.  Such GREAT kids!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Our road trippin begins tomorrow.
We are SO excited to ditch this heat for cooler temps.

Make sure to follow along {on Insta as azmarci + right here on my blog} for complete randomness + happenings along the way.  


  1. Don't you love teaching the kids - and seeing their sweet spirits!!! The calzone looks good - almost as good as east coast Stromboli! I couldn't think of a better fam to win circus tickets - glad you had a good time! BTW - thank you for the visiting teaching prints - I use them ALL the time!!!

    1. Ooh - east coast strombloli's are the BEST!!! Thanks for your sweet comment, Peggy!