Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Random 'Yummies' I Need to Inform You About:


I'll admit....
I was a little reluctant to buy this cereal because it's a little pricier than I normally like to spend on my cereal 
It is hands down WORTH IT!!!!

If you like Cracklin Oat Bran - - - 
You will LOVE this!
{It's even better actually because I don't feel like it rips up the top of my mouth}.

No joke I bought this one night and by the next morning it was gone. My kids LOVE it too!

I like to throw in a few with my yogurt, too.
Adds a little crunch. 
Makes for a yummy snack!


Love Chick-Fila?
How did I just recently discover their Chick-Fila sauce???

The Table For Two Blog has the recipe!!!!!!
I cannot wait to make it up myself.
And drink it with a straw.
{I kid...I kid...}

P.S. Anyone else dressing up as a cow today to get FREE lunch at Chick-Fila? See ya there! 

2 Remixes You Must Be Aware Of:

Can't Stop This Feeling REMIX
Listen HERE
{We listened to this one close to 1,492 times on our trip}.

My sister whipped up her own summer mix cd and it did not disappoint with these 2 songs!!!!

Fast Car REMIX
Listen HERE
{Anyone else a big Tracy Chapman fan back in the early 90s?}


  1. I swear one of these days I'm gonna turn up on your door stop to hang out lol.. we could jam in our minivans lol
    Ok.. did you know a family size box of front loops is $10 .. yes $10 where we live... I still buy it..I could live off cerial lol

    1. Ummmm..what?!? $10?? Please do show up on my doorstep. I would love it! ;) xoxo

  2. We were just in St George this weekend and you can buy a tub of Chick-fila sauce! Cheap too!


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