Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Back to School + Meet the Teacher Printables.

School starts back up here on Monday.
{I'm doing my happy dance!}

7 weeks is the perfect amount of time for summer break here in AZ.  We'd much rather take our breaks in the cooler months when the kids can actually play outside.  

To say that we are all ready to start back up is an understatement. {You don't know HOW excited I am to go to Target all by myself! LoL}.

Tomorrow night we have 'Meet the Teacher' night at the school.  I'm whipping up a little something to give to each teacher and I'll share it with you tomorrow.

For are some of my ideas from years past for you to use!

Details and Printable HERE

Details and printable {with all grades included} HERE

Details and Printable HERE

Details and Printable HERE

Details and Printable HERE

Also - - it's important at the start of the year to find out all of your teacher's VERY FAVORITE things. 
{No sense in buying them chocolate if they don't like it!}

Here are a couple of different forms that I've created that you can print out and hand to your teacher's on the first day of school. Have them fill them out and send them back home with your kiddos. You'll be glad you did - - especially when the holidays and teacher appreciation week roll around. 

Printable HERE

Printable HERE
{This one also has a MALE teacher form you can choose!}


  1. Super cute as usual. :) thanks! Can't wait to see what you put together this year.

    1. Thanks so much Malena! Can't believe it's already time to start back up again!! xoxo


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