Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 12 - Brianhead + Cedar Breaks

We headed up to Brianhead on Day 12.

From Fri-Sun they have their activities open up to the public and so we thought we'd give em a whirl. 

The tubing was a HUGE hit.... 

As was their ski lift!

We were up SUPER high - - 11,000 feet to be exact.

The views at the top were absolutely gorgeous.

We dropped by Cedar Breaks on our way back to the cabin...

It's breathtaking, really.

This might just be my new favorite family pic.
My sister was imitating my kids --- 
their main goal in life is to photobomb any photo possible.

Cars devoured my brother's famous guacamole once we got back....

And then my dear friend Lindsey came up to visit us. 
Gosh I love this girl!
I hadn't seen her in a few years - it was way too long.
We were besties back in college and it was like we had never been apart!

Such a fun ending to a FUN day!

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