Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 5 - Heber + Provo River Falls

Day 5 began with a Kolache for breakfast.
I am OBSESEED with these!!!
I've been dreaming of them ever since last year.

Then it was onward to our adventures at Provo River Falls.

Let's just say this activity was MUCH more London's speed.

The views were absolutely dreamy and it was only....
65 degrees!!!

Afterwards we stopped for lunch in Kamas at a tiny little burger joint called Hi-Mountain.

This place is a restaurant/drug store/craft store/church bookstore. {Dont'cha just love tiny little towns?}

This place is NO JOKE either.
Their burger, fries and shake may have been the BEST I've ever had.  
I'm not even exaggerating.

How cute are our friends that put up with us all week?

We headed home, relaxed and then had to hit up June Pie in Heber for a late afternoon treat. {Because burgers and shakes aren't enough, right? LoL.}

This place came highly recommended from one of my  blog reader {I sure love you guys!} and it was super cute. Their hand pies {coconut cream} were super yummy!

The kids played outside for the rest of the night {we even needed jackets!} and then we capped things off with a fire and s'mores.

Utah summers are THE best!

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