Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 9 - Urgent Care + Duck Creek

Day 9 on our trip began not so hot.
I began developing a rash a few days ago on my legs and it progressively got worse.

Like way worse. worked its way up my entire body - - covering my chest, arms, neck, getting into my EYES and even on my scalp.

It was not pretty.
{I'm sparing you the pictures. You're welcome.}

While down at the Urgent Care in Cedar....London wrote up her own diagnosis for me.....

A little bit of Scarlet Fever and a big
 chunk of a hive.
Not good.
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity {why do Urgent Care's only have one doctor on staff?} the diagnosis was that I was having an allergic reaction.
To WHO knows what?!?!

Thankful for steroids and prescription medicine.

Lunch at Brad's Food Hut.

I've fallen in love with their corndogs and fry sauce.

While waiting for my meds to fill we stopped by a couple of cute little boutiques in town.

Headed back up the mountain and spent the rest of the day doing puzzles with Grandpa...

....and eating brownies.



  1. Oh no !!!!.. I hope the meds kicked in quickly !!

    1. Thanks!! Today is the first day where I am actually noticing a difference - thank goodness! xoxo

  2. Oh no !!!!.. I hope the meds kicked in quickly !!


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