Sunday, July 17, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I had a Relief Society presidency meeting.
I am in the middle of planning our BIG stake womens conference this fall and I am OH SO excited about it!!!

So many fun things are coming together.
If you are in the area - - you MUST come!

* Afterwards we met up with some of our favorite peeps for a FREE lunch {for the grand opening} at Red Robin.

Their bruschetta chicken sandwich hit the spot.
As did their tower of onion rings - - seriously BEST ever!

* Carson had his last day of Apple camp at the mall!

This was SO much fun for him.
He created the cutest little movie ever.
Every year we try and get into it and every year it fills up in like .2 seconds.
We hit the jackpot by getting in this year.

* Friday night we helped celebrate our smushiest little favorite 6 year old's birthday.

We LOVE the Alger family!

* Saturday morning I woke up bright and early {well, for me at least} and picked up my dear friend Judy from the airport.

She insisted that we go to breakfast and since I'm not one to ever turn down a meal....

...Black Bear Diner it was!
So. Much. Food!!!!!

* We picked the boys up from their cousins house Saturday afternoon....

They stayed up way too late, woke up way too early and had way too much fun.

* Date night Saturday night!!!
We got to go out with some of our favorite friends {who we haven't been out with in forever!} and we took them to Espo's in Chandler.  

Seriously some of the YUMMIEST mexcian food.
It's a tiny place and nothing fancy but seriously DELISH!

Dessert afterwards....

I highly recommend their homemade strawberry ice-cream.
Perfect for these hot summer nights!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I started crying as soon as we sang the opening song: "Because I Have Been Given Much" - - 
That song does it to me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Quick and easy dinner afterwards - - {have I mentioned that we don't get out of church until 5:30 PM?!?}

Cannot wait to share these recipes with you tomorrow.
They were a HUGE hit with everyone in our fam.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is our last FREE week before school starts back up!
Can you even believe it??

On tap:

* Prepping for our annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner.  So excited about this year's theme.

* Finishing up Back to School supply shopping.

*Swimming, swimming, swimming.



  1. What....when do you go back to school?. We don't go back until Sept 7th lol
    Those food dishes looked yum.
    I can't wait for deeds on your RS activity.. I know it will be the bomb diggity

    1. School starts Monday! Yee-haw!! ;) Momma needs a break. I think you should fly here for my womens conference. Hey - you'd have a free place to stay! xoxo


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