Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First Day of School Ideas.

London's 2nd grade teacher is the cutest!

She welcomed her new class this year with this darling poem.  She handed it out to them at their 'Meet the Teacher' night in an envelope that read 'DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS'.

Inside the envelope was this...

Magic confetti {aka sequins} to sprinkle under their pillow!!!

Is that not the cutest idea EVER?!

I searched on Pinterest for you and you can find the exact printable HERE.

Then.... on the first day of school their class made 

London of course, thought this was the coolest {and yummiest!} idea EVER! 

Again, I searched Pinterest for you and there are lots of variations to use HERE.

Even if you're not a teacher - - the Jitter Juice would be fun to make up for your own kids the morning school starts.

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