Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

 It's ridiculous just how happy this sight made me feel the other day... 

Rod Works has some ADORABLE Halloween/Fall stuff.
I cannot wait!

I had to do a double take of this product as I was cruisin the aisles of Target this week...

How lazy have we gotten as a people that we actually need something to cook Ramen FASTER than it already does???
{It's only 3 minutes people.  3 minutes!}

I also feel the need to let everyone know about this...

SUCH a great deal {at Target}!
I got London some cute, soft, Cat & Jack jeggings for the fall for like $7.
 P.S. How much do you love ALL of the new Cat & Jack stuff?!?

I tried a new lunch dish this week.
It was from Costco.  I had a sample and it pulled me in.
{I'm such a sucker for that}.
I bought a package - which is actually shocking - because I think this dish is pretty healthy - - and I'm no health nut by any means.

I do love me some quinoa though and this is yummy!
Side note: It needed extra salt.

It's simple + healthy + tasty. A good lunch if you ask me!

And then there's this...

Sadly...the 'Treat Yo Self' usually wins.

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  1. I'm in love with the new Cat & Jack line! And that Costco find looks delish!