Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall / Apple Themed Personal Progress Motivators.

Labor Day is over and Fall is here!!!
{Well, at least it is in my book}.

What reminds you of Fall? September??

For's always been APPLES!
{Fun Fact: I am allergic to apples.  Yup. So weird, huh? I can eat them if they are cooked - - like baked into a pie -- but I cannot eat them if they are fresh and raw. Sigh}.

Anyhoozle - - this month's tags were inspired by the fruit and are now available in my Etsy Shop

These tags can be attached to:
* Fresh apples
* Caramel dipped apples
* Apple flavored hand sanitizer 
* Apple flavored lotion
* Apple pie

If it's got apples in it - - go ahead and attach a tag! ;)

There are 3 tags on a page and by purchasing this listing you can print them out HOWEVER MANY TIMES you need!

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