Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fun Finds Friday {on Tuesday}.

Anyone else completely mixed up as to what day it is today?
And did anyone else have to WAKE their kids up today for school because they were so completely wiped out from the weekend? 

Happy Tuesday.
It officially feels like FALL now that Labor Day is over. 
{Ok weather wise...of course it doesn't feel like fall here yet..but you know what I mean!}

Good news!!!!
Target has stocked their $ bins {FINALLY!} with oodles and oodles of Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving goodness!!!

I was like a kid in a candy shop when I made this grand discovery last week! 

Here's what I found:

It's like THEY KNOW just what gets me!!!
Chances are if anything in life has polka dots and/or stripes - - I'm gonna love it.

Cute little wooden sign to hang on your door.
Because...sometimes...turning off your outside light when you're outta candy just isn't enough!

Darling banner for only $1!

As for Thanksgiving stuff....

I LOVE this idea!
And it can be a GRATITUDE tree OR a FAMILY tree!

Love the easel back on this sign!

Take home boxes for your guests!

I'm a sucker for cute napkin rings.

Gold dipped jars? Genius!

I sure hope they stock these cute pumpkins back up because I bought the last 2 at my store. Sorry locals.

Also...since when did Target start selling such cute paper plates?!?

Wouldn't these pink ones be perfect for a baby shower or little girl party?

And these black and white ones could even be used for Halloween!

I also checked out JoAnn's this week.
Their store is practically bursting at the seams with darling pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!!....

They also have the cutest Thanksgiving paper plates I've seen yet!....

Went into Kirkland's afterwards {next door} and who knew they had so much holiday decor? Not me! Loved these monogram signs....

Over at Home Goods...

They had THE CUTEST metal/tin-ish cake stands.
I couldn't stop staring at them.

And then....

A journal that I think more peope than not {including me, hehe}...need.
{Am I right?}

If you're a Halloween fan - - you need to check out their stuff. Super duper cute.

And then....

Because this made me LoL.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. It was 48 here this morning, I was excited to wear my hoodie..even if it was for a few hours


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