Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Visiting Teaching Handout.

Fall is in the air!!!!!!

Although the month of September is ALWAYS the hardest for me here in Arizona because while everyone else across the country posts about the brisk air and the cooler temps....we are still melting here!

But that's ok.

I'm good at pretending like it FEELS like fall inside my home with my cider flavored candles and my pumpkin chocolate chip recipes.

Anyhoozle - - with it officially BEING fall later this month - - APPLES were on my brain.

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this quote from President Thomas S. Monson. 

And have no fear if the sisters you visit teach don't have children - - there's a tag for them too!

Attach my tags to some fresh, juicy apples...

Or a nice candy coated caramel apple....

Or some apple flavored lotion or soap....

You get where I'm goin with this?
ANYTHING apple flavored will do the trick this month!

For a copy of my APPLE OF YOUR EYE tags click HERE

For a copy of my APPLE-Y THIS CORE PRINCIPLE tags click HERE

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

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  1. So, so cute! I love the different ideas you give to go along with your tags. So many possibilities!

    1. Thanks so much RuthAnne! So glad you enjoy them. xoxo

  2. Thank you Marci! My visiting teaching handouts wouldn't be nearly as fun and creative without your talents and tags.Thank you for sharing with me each month.

  3. Thanks so much for these ideas every month. I'm using individual packets of sliced apples and caramel dip. Simple and affordable!

    1. I LOVE that idea! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  4. I couldn't find the place that said "join site". I saw follow but that's all. I don't want to follow through my work google account and it wouldn't let me use yahoo. I would like to receive emails or do you just follow through pinterest or facebook? I'm confused and not too techy. Sorry, Kristie

    1. haha no worries. Yes it is thru that 'join site' button OR you can follow me thru any of my other social media outlest. xoxo

  5. Loved it!! it was perfect!! thanks so much for creating and sharing this :)

    1. You are so very welcome! My new October printable is ready to download now! xoxo


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