Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Weekend.

* My Friday morning began here...

It was such a breath of fresh air after a long and crazy week.

Ever wonder what the our temples are all about?
I saw this on Facebook today and LOVED it....

Afterwards, I drove through Chick Fila and ate chicken strips in my car all by myself. It was relaxing and delicious and when I looked down I saw this .....

....and realized I might have a problem. 

These were just from the past 24 hours.
And before you get all judgemental on me...just remember...  
I don't drink alochol.  Diet Coke IS my sanity ;) 

* I swung by a nearby Goodwill {because duh!} and realized that I needed to share with you 2 very important things you should ALWAYS buy from Goodwill and not spend full price on.

Baskets and {yes, they're new}disposable pans.
SO MUCH cheaper than anywhere else.

* Friday night we went out to dinner with this fun couple...

We ate HERE and had SO much fun together.
{The 'Barrio Pollo' burrito is the thing to order!}

* Saturday morning we woke up to this...

Cousins dog-pile-ing cousins.
And someone got poked in the eye...can you tell who?
{She wanted to remain face-less}.

* Joe and I attended Phoenix Cooks on Saturday morning/afternoon.

You guys!!!!
This event is a FOOD LOVERS PARADISE!!!!

Booths and booths of fancy food from fancy restaurants - - - and I clearly didn't pace myself because I was STUFFED to the brim about halfway thru.

We definitely hope to be back again next year!
Such a FUN experience.

* Saturday night, Joe and the boys headed out to the ASU game....

{Devils for the WIN!}

...while London, my nieces and I headed out shopping...

I probably should've re-thought this idea ;) 

* Sunday we woke up to another tooth gone for London.

* Churchey-church Sunday afternoon followed by chicken taco soup and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
{I'm ready for it to be soup weather!!!}

Who else is excited for a free day tomorrow???
We're having fun friends over for a BBQ and lounging around.  Can't wait.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!


  1. You should share the chicken taco soup recipe! (Or the link if you've posted it before) it sounds yummy!