Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Weekend:

* The majority of my Friday was spent working at my kitchen table while a complete stranger cleaned our carpets.

Does that weird out anybody else?  - - when people come to do work in your house and you're all alone??

Thankfully, he didn't attack me and now my carpets are glistening.  Which is a miracle within itself because they looked completely skeevy before he arrived.

* Date night Friday night....

Joe and I LOVE this place.
It's authentic Italian food and it reminds me of the restaurants from back east where I grew up.

* Dateline when we got home. 
{Cause we're romantic like that}.

20 years and I'm still obsessed with the Jon Benet Ramsey case.
Anyone else think that her parents had something to do with it?

* Most of our Saturday was spent at home.
{LOVE Saturday's like that! They are few and far between.}

London worked on her Star Student poster for the week...

{LOVING her school pic from this year!}

and I worked on some wreath orders...

* Saturday night we had a Lamoreaux family dinner.
Gosh, I love when we all get together.
We all have such busy schedules and I love that our parents make sure that we find time to see each other.

Cheddar's in Chandler is where it's at!

Everything is made from scratch {including these onion rings which were TO DIE FOR!} and their prices are awesome!

London and I headed home and watched the Utah vs. BYU game with the boys {they were supposed to go to the ASU game and then changed their minds at the last minute}.

Goooooooo Utah!
What a game!! 

 And Gooooooo ASU!
Their team looked awesome.

We had some VERY HAPPY football fans in our house on Saturday night {including ME!}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* We invited our fun friend Judy over for Sunday dinner.
Pot roast + all the sides.
Judy brought the most delicious peach cobbler for dessert.
Utah peaches = dreamy right now.