Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Coombs Halloween Party 2016.

Another Coombs Halloween Party is in the books!
Everyone came dressed in costume and it made my party planning heart oh so very happy!

I scored Joe and I's SNL Spartan Cheerleading costumes from none other than...Goodwill. You don't even wanna know HOW excited I was. 

Pretty close, right?
We LOVE these SNL characters and quote their cheers ALL the time!

My kids all chose their own costumes this year:

London - - - the Eiffel Tower

Can you even stand it?!?

Carson - - - Ed from the movie Good Burger

He even wanted to make sure his costume was complete with grapes up his nose. P.S. My kids DIE LAUGHING at this movie.  It's an all time fave.

Grant - - - a Morph

...and he 'morphed' right on into our backdrop!

How cute is this family?!

My friend Brooke is super clever and came as an 'Identity Thief'.

Cute Rebecca and her darling girls.

And these two might have just been my favorite.
They came as....POLYGAMISTS!!!

We were ROLLING!

For food - - we had a nacho/taco bar.
How can you go wrong with that?

Shredded beef, homemade refried beans, cilantro rice, and the very best pumpkin cake ever.

Vomit - - aka Spinach Dip and our traditional 'Guess the Candy Amount' in a jar

So fun spending the evening with these folks.
We sat out on the patio talking and laughing our heads off til after 10 pm while the kids played inside. So grateful for their kind hearts and funny sense of humors. 

Up Tomorrow: ALL of the details from our rousing game of FEAR FACTOR.
{It. Was. Gross!}

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  1. I love the polygamist! I had o take a double look with the hair!


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