Thursday, October 27, 2016

Family Favorite Halloween Costumes.

I myself, am not much of a costume girl.
If it's easy - - and involves a pun - - I'm game.
But if it's much more work than that - - I get intimidated.

Here are some Coombs Family Favorite costumes from years past:

2015: Deviled Egg + 'Cereal' Killer

Egg made out of white poster board and yellow cardstock.
Cereal boxes purchased at grocery store and then glued onto a shirt with knives poked thru.

2015: Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweeper
I DIED with this one!!!!!!!!
It turned out so perfectly.

I made Joe's 'sweeper' by just spray painting a wooden dowel. Then I got a styrofoam ball and black pipe cleaners and just stuck em all around to look all crazy.  I added more spray paint on top of that to cover up the styrofoam.

2014: Light up Stick Figure
{compliments of Target}

2014: Bride

2014: A Deer in the Headlights

2014 - - vest and hat found from Goodwill

2014 - - you guys!
My cute sister-in-law and her family ALWAYS come up with the MOST CLEVER costumes! When they came dressed as 'emojis' one year I nearly lost it!!!!! SO fun! 
She MADE these out of cardboard.

2015: Can you even stand it???
Again...she MADE these!!!
So talented, these two.

2014: Elvis Presley

2013: Napoleon Dynamite

2009: Michael Jackson
My very favorite costume EVER!!!!
Grant was in Kindergarten with this one.
My mom MADE the jacket, glove and socks!!!

Oh - - and Joe's sister and husband came dressed as his back-up dancers....

I LOVE looking back at these!

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