Friday, October 14, 2016

Fun Finds Friday {Online Version}.

The kiddies are still on break.
And while I LOVE it {I actually really do!} - - it has really put a damper on the amount of time that I can spend wandering aimlessly thru stores. 

So - - I've been wandering aimlessly online.

Enjoy my latest findings...

Isn't this the cutest little Halloween house from Pier 1?

Pier 1 is one of those stores that I always forget about.
And I wish that I didn't because they always have the cutest stuff!


I'm pretty sure that I need this donut case for my iPhone.

First item of business though is to upgrade my phone to the 7. Raise your hand if you're still in the 5s club?
{Holla! I'm so hip.}


Love, love, love these Halloween place settings from Martha Stewart. I have such a soft spot for cute, personalized place settings.


This Halloween costume is EVERYTHING!

She's a 'Taco Belle'.

Get it?

She's Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' with tacos around her dress.  Which makes her.....

Taco Belle!


I'm adding this skirt from H&M to London's list of 'Fall Must Haves'. Isn't it darling?

And speaking of London...


We are LOVING these darling fairy books from author Thomas Nelson. The artwork is SO cute and the stories are so fun. They're our new fave to read at night time.

Lastly....needing some ideas for your Halloween parties?

This may just be the BEST one I've ever seen.


Are you kidding me with this Halloween Dessert Skeleton table?


Pure. Genius.
And my kids would be the ones to grab that entire Bubble Tape lodged in there and shove it all right into their mouth.
{I've taught them well, right?}

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