Monday, October 31, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I met up with some super awesome ladies from my Stake Womens Conference committee to spray paint centerpieces for our big event this week.

This is going to be SUCH a fabulous evening. 
I cannot wait to see it all pan out - - we have been prepping  for this FOR MONTHS!
{If you live in the area but aren't part of my stake and would like more info to attend - - message me! }

* I headed straight home afterwards and got to work baking 8 dozen sugar cookies.

My friend let me borrow her Bosch mixer and oh my goodness! It made my life SO much easier. I have very bluntly told my husband that I NEED one of these for Christmas. ;) 

* Friday night was our annual elementary school FALL COSTUME BALL. This event is easily my kiddos favorite school event of the year.

London and her cute little friend.
And how cute are these teachers/friends of mine???

So clever, right?!

* Saturday morning we hit up our favorite donut shop because, duh! 

You KNOW it's some good donuts when the line is out the door!


#1: Holy cow! London's hair is dark!

#2: London is going thru a phase where she thinks stripes on the top and stripes on the bottom 'match'. 

# 3: Bosa's breakfast sandwiches are where it's at!
Soooooo yummy.

* We ran errands afterwards and then picked out pumpkins...

A brand new shnazzy grocery store opened up by our house and OH....MY...GOSH....this place is like the most deluxe grocery store I've ever been in! 

They even have a 'chicken wing' bar - - so many flavors to choose from.  Carson was on CLOUD 9!

* The rest of the afternoon was spent watching my cute nieces.

Can you even stand how cute this one is???

* Sunday morning was OH SO special.

My handsome nephew received the Melchizedek Priesthood.
SO neat to be apart of such a special thing.

He leaves on his mission to Barcelona in just 2 weeks.
I can't even believe it! 

* Afterwards I headed straight over to the nearest clinic to get my ear checked out. It has been causing me SO much pain {remember..I JUST had an ear infection in the other ear}....

...and sure enough! I had yet ANOTHER ear infection.
Seriously...what are the odds?
I NEVER get ear infections and then...
2 in 2 weeks???

Grateful for antibiotics and pain meds.

* No churchey-church for me.
I sent Joe and the kids off and went right to bed.

* Crockpot cream cheese chicken and rice for dinner with...

....'BUTT' rolls {a family favorite!}

* We ended the evening by carving pumpkins...

...and if I'm being honest...
I enjoy carving pumpkins about as much as I do coloring Easter eggs.
{Not very much. Is that bad?} 


Oh well. 
My kids had fun and we created memories and let's be honest - - - that's what it's all about, right?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Halloween is officially over - - can you believe it?
We had a lovely evening here at our home with family and friends, yummy dinner and dessert and LOTS of candy.

Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by such good people.

Onward to this week......
our big Stake Womens Conference!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed it all goes as planned.
I may be having nightmares about this.


  1. Bosch is where it's at! I've had mine for 16 years!

  2. Just kidding! 18 years! My husband reminded me he bought it for me right after we got married. I've had my kitchen aid 16 years! 😬


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