Friday, November 11, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

Just a few finds tonight...
Every week of my life I think I'm gonna have lots of extra time to play around with and hits. 

Just like Dory says on 'Finding Nemo'....
"Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...."

Swimmin away over here...hoping to get my head above water soon!! 

Peeked some more into the Target $ bins today...LOVE finding new stuff each time.

I really NEED to come up with an excuse to host a holiday party because these snow globe namecard holders are THE BEST!

I LOVE this greenery look!

Chalkboard ornaments?
Why not!

Yesterday I found some time to sneek over to a cute little seasonal boutique in my area.  It's always jam packed with SUCH cute stuff and this one did not disappoint.

I scored these darling framed prints from Jaxn Blvd. and they are now hanging up in the downstairs of my home.

I keep staring at them because I LOVE THEM SO!

Also...I sooooo...wanted to buy one of these....

From Lucky Love Company but I had already reached my spending limit. {Dontcha hate when that happens?}

These house dresses practically SCREAM my name.

I LIVE in my nightgown.
And when I say 'nightgown' I mean oversized piece of cloth that is easily 10 years old, that according to my husband 'has holes in all the wrong places'. LoL. It may even have a permanent stain or two.

I feel like I need one of these house dresses for every day of the week! Chuckle. So cute and they look sooooo comfy!

If you live near a is a PSA just for you:

Their snickerdoodle cookie WITH pumpkin cream cheese frosting is the BOMB DIGGITY. Trust me on this one.

And lastly...


How fun is this pom-pom skirt from Target's Cat and Jack line?

I'm pretty sure London needs it.
But not until I get my house dress, first! ;) 

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