Sunday, November 27, 2016

This {Thanksgiving} Weekend:

* Thanksgiving this year was spent with my side of the family at my parents house.

Their bestest friends in the world came into town and celebrated the holiday with us.  

Everything was so wonderful and relaxing.

The food was scrumptious {my sister made a squash souffle that was to die for! and topped it with Rice Krispies!} but my favorite part was going around the tables and talking about what we were most thankful for.

Per Lamoreaux Thanksgiving tra-dish...we headed onto the movies after our early dinner to see...


Sadly, this was not one of my favorites.
'The Rock' was funny and the graphics were amazing but....
it was rather slow. I even fell asleep for the last half of it which NEVER happens. 

My kids on the other hand LOVED it.

We headed back to my parents house afterwards for pie and the annual drawing of names for the cousins Christmas gift exchange.

We headed home with full bellies and even fuller hearts.
So thankful for my fabulous family. 

* Friday morning {because apparently we weren't full enough from all the food we ate the day before} we headed out for donuts.

I spent pretty much the ENTIRE rest of the day working in my craft room on my Etsy orders.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat as a family at one of our favorite local joints and then it was back to my craft room for the rest of the evening.

* Saturday was spent doing much of the same.
Joe had to work, the kids played outside {the weather here is dreamy} and I added the finishing touches to our Christmas decor.

 I just love traditional colors for Christmas, don't you?

* Date night Saturday night HERE.

I know what you're thinking....'you guys sure eat a lot of mexican food, huh?' 😜

It's true.
It's pretty much our fave.

We shopped around afterwards and then hit up DQ for dessert.

You guys!
Their Oreo Candy Cane blizzard is where it's at!!!!

Oh my gosh! 
It's my new favorite treat for sure!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Joe spoke in Sacrament meeting and did such a great job.
Public speaking is just so natural for him and it made my heart swell to hear him share his testimony of our Savior.

We ended the evening by letting the kids decorate their own Christmas trees. 

They each have their own in their bedrooms and every year we give them an ornament to add to their collection.  The ornament always has a special meaning from the past year and it's SO fun to pull them out each year and reminisce.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Can you even believe that it's officially December this week?!?

On tap:

* School projects

* Grandkids decorating Grandparents Lamoreaux's Christmas tree {annual tra-dish}

* Basketball game

* London and I are attending the Nutcracker - - one of our very favorite events of the whole season!



  1. What?? I thought we were your parents most favorite friends ever! I love the Ikea mirror and decor around it ~ and your craft room ~ WOW!! Thanks for your darling posts. John talked to Ralph last night and he seems to be doing better.

  2. I love that you have a tree for each of your kids with their ornaments on them! Such a good way to keep them all together.


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